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Tuatara: Volume 10, Issue 2, June 1962

Pycnogonids Wanted

Pycnogonids Wanted

Dr. W. C. Clark. Entomology Division, D.S.I.R., Nelson, is at present working on a revision of the New Zealand Pycnogonida (Pantopoda) or sea-spiders and is interested in receiving specimens from all parts of the New Zealand region. Specimens should be preserved in 70% alcohol, and should include a note of locality, depth, date, collector etc. Specimens, other than type series which will be deposited in a museum, will be returned to collectors if requested. Postage will be refunded.

(Subject to space being available, Tuatara will endeavour to carry brief requests of this nature as a service to readers, but if the demand on space is considerable it may be necessary to make a charge for insertions.)