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Tuatara: Volume 9, Issue 2, November 1961

Challenger Material in Wellington

page 85

Challenger Material in Wellington

From time to time in recent years various specimens in the Zoology Museum of Victoria University of Wellington and in the Dominion Museum have been recognised as material from Challenger Stations, some of it of paratype status. The circumstances under which it was acquired are not at present documented, but attention may be drawn to the published Proceedings of the Wellington Philosophical Society for July 18, 1874, in which it is stated that ’There were also laid on the table a number of marine specimens, presented to the Colonial Museum by the gentlemen belonging to the Challenger expedition.’ In November, 1873, Mr. Thos. Kirk, F.L.S., was appointed Lecturer in Botany, Natural History and Geology at Wellington College, at that time affiliated to the University of New Zealand, and it may be supposed that the Victoria University Challenger material stems from some similar presentations made to Thomas Kirk, who apparently lectured in the Council Chamber of the Provincial Buildings. A search of contemporary newspapers might yield some information.

H. B. F.