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Tuatara: Volume 6, Issue 2, December 1956

To Our Former Editor, Mr. W. H. Dawbin

To Our Former Editor, Mr. W. H. Dawbin

Mr. W. H. Dawbin, M.Sc.(N.Z.), took up an appointment as Senior Lecturer in Zoology at the University of Sydney, early this year. This breaks an association with ‘Tuatara’ which extends back beyond September 1947 when ‘Tuatara’ first appeared in its present form. Previous to this several numbers under the same title appeared in a cyclostyled form and these were produced by Mr. Dawbin. The early experiment demonstrated that there was a need for a biological publication which, in the words of Mr. Dawbin's original editorial, would ‘provide articles on biological research in New Zealand readily accessible to the student and the general public’. ‘Tuatara’ was visualised as a journal to enable senior school children, teachers, amateurs and scientists to meet together at a common level. In this it has been most successful for it finds its way into most schools, into the hands of many private individuals having a genuine interest in the flora and fauna, and into university and other general as well as research libraries. Its articles are abstracted and recorded in overseas journals.

The original intentions of the journal have been carried out. From the start ‘Tuatara’ has held to a high level of article suited to its purpose. The achievement of the objective and the sustained quality of ‘Tuatara’ over the nine years of Mr. Dawbin's editorship bear full testimony to the capable continuous service given by Mr. Dawbin to a task often highly difficult, never easy, and having its reward only in terms of accomplishment of more than five volumes of ‘Tuatara’.

We express our best wishes to Mr. Dawbin in his new appointment, to which we know he will take the enthusiasm that has been so largely responsible for ‘Tuatara's’ success.