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Tuatara: Volume 3, Issue 1, May 1950

A Key to the Sea Urchins of New Zealand

page 42

A Key to the Sea Urchins of New Zealand

Additional Species

A key to the sea urchins was published in Tuatara, 1 (3) 1948. Since its publication the following new species have been added to the faunal list. The original key may be brought up to date if the addenda below are made.

New sub-paragraph, to be added under 5 (page 7):—

After the diagnosis for Evechinus chloroticus, insert:—

Test deep purple, up to 100 mm. diameter, with long, hollow, purple spines. North Auckland, littoral. Centrostephanus rodgersii

Delete paragraph 10 (page 8), and insert the following in its place:—

10. Outline circular, or circular with a slightly wavy edge 11
Outline ellipsoid or subpentagonal, the upper surface raised subconically, bearing five petaloid ambulacra 10(a)
10(a). Anus below, near mouth. Littoral, rare. Laganum depressum
Anus below, near posterior margin of test 10(b)
10(b). Ridges (costae) between pore-pairs of petals with 4 or fewer tubercles, arranged in a single row. Sublittoral, rare. Clypeaster virescens
Costae with 6-9 tubercles, arranged sometimes in a double row. Sublittoral, East Cape area, rare. Clypeaster australasiae


Fuller details of these species will be found in Rec. Auck. Mus., 3 (6), pp. 343-346, 1949.