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Tuatara: Volume 3, Issue 1, May 1950

Correction to the Moss Key appearing in the last issue

Correction to the Moss Key appearing in the last issue.

Unfortunatley [sic] a slip was made in keying the mosses with 3 rows of leaves: Rhacopilum is the only genus with a dorsal row of leaves, not Cyathophorum as shown.

Numbers 11-14 of the key should read as follows:

11. One dorsal and two lateral rows of leaves: leaves piliferous by the excurrent nerve Rhacopilum
One ventral and two lateral rows of leaves 12
12. Seta terminal Calomnion
Seta lateral 13
13. Leaves strikingly ciliate Catharomnion
Leaves not ciliate 14
14. Usually unbranched: seta so short that the capsule is hidden under the frond. Cyathophorum
Stems usually tree- or umbrella-like, much branched above. Seta obvious, from the top of the “umbrella.” Hypopterygium
In the introduction, Dr. Taylor's name should be erased and W. Wilson's added in its place.
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