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Tuatara: Volume 1, Issue 2, May 1948

Genetics Discussion Group

Genetics Discussion Group

This group, centred at Palmerston North, was formed so that specialists in genetics, workers in related fields, and students could meet. A convener arranged subjects and speakers for the monthly meetings. At one typical meeting three speakers discussed “Induced Mutation” under the headings:

(1) Gene mutations and chromosome breaks by radiation.

(2) Gene mutations and chromosome breaks by mustard gas and methyl chloranthene.

(3) Polyploidy by colchicine.

The discussion then centred mainly upon the thermodynamics of energy transfer, the possible common features of the three me hods, and the application of these techniques to commercial and fundamental problems.

We feel that the Genetics Discussion Group can form a basis for similar groups in other fields, such as Ecology, Physiology, Taxonomy, e.c., and thus promote, amongst students, a better understanding of Scientific Research.

A. S. FRASER, Massey College. Convener, 1947.

P. C. BARCLAY, Grasslands Division. Convener, 1948.

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