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The Maori As He Was : A Brief Account of Maori Life as it was in Pre-European Days


Games and pastimes. Music and song. Rehia an archaic term for pleasure. Games and physical exercises. Personified form of pleasure. Introduced games. Draughts. The whare tapere. Military exercises. Maori amazons. Jumping and running. Ti rakau, a curious stick-throwing game. The sling. Tree-climbing. Swimming. Surf-riding. The kokiri. The moari swing. Canoe races. Jackstones. Dart-throwing. Ti ringa and similar games. Cratch-cradle. The haka, or posture dance. The war-dance. Myth of Tanerore. Fuglemen. The game of poi. Mu torere, a form of draughts. Hawaiian draughts. Story-telling. Kite-flying. Stilts. Toboggan. Top-spinning. Hoops. Hide-and-seek. The topa. The jumping-jack. Maori songs and music. Universal use of song. Importance of singing in Maori life. Musical instruments. Flutes. Trumpets. Maori and European music. Nose-flutes. Gourd instrument. Gongs. The pakuru. Primitive stringed instrument.