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The Maori As He Was : A Brief Account of Maori Life as it was in Pre-European Days

List of Authorities Quoted

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List of Authorities Quoted

  • Allen, Grant: Author of Evolution of the Idea of God.

  • Angas, G. F.: Author of Savage Life and Scenes in Australia and New Zealand. 1847.

  • Avebury, Lord (Sir John Lubbock): Author of The Origin of Civilization. Seventh edition, 1912.

  • Banks, Sir Joseph: Author of Journal during Captain Cook's First Voyage. 1896.

  • Bidwill, J. C.: Author of Rambles in New Zealand. 1841.

  • Buck, Dr. P.: Author of papers on “Maori Somatology,” published in the Journal of the Polynesian Society, Vol. 32.

  • Buller, Rev. J.: Author of Forty Years in New Zealand. 1878, &c.

  • Colenso, W.: Author of “An Essay on the Maori Races of New Zealand,” published in Transactions of the New Zealand Institute, Vol. 1; also of many other papers published in the same journal.

  • Cook, Captain James. Cook's Voyages contains a great amount of interesting data concerning the natives of the Pacific isles.

  • Crozet, Lieutenant: Author of an account of Marion du Fresne's voyage, entitled A Voyage to Tasmania, New Zealand, &c. English translation by H. Ling Roth. 1891.

  • Cruise, Captain R. A.: Author of Journal of a Ten Months' Residence in New Zealand. 1823.

  • D'Urville, M. J. Dumont. The Voyage of the Astrolabe contains much interesting matter about New Zealand.

  • Earle, A.: Author of A Narrative of a Nine Months' Residence in New Zealand in 1827. 1832.

  • Ellis, W.: Author of Polynesian Researches. Second edition, 1831.

  • Forster, G.: Author of an account of Cook's second voyage, published in 1777.

  • Hewitt, J. F.: Author of Primitive Traditional History. 1907. Journal of the Polynesian Society, Vols. 1 to 30.

  • Mackenzie,—: Author of a work on Babylonian mythology.

  • Mair, Captain G.: Contributor of MS. data.

  • Manihera Waititi: One of the innumerable bands of natives who, in past years, provided the bulk of the matter in this work.

  • Marsden, Rev. S. The Journal of the reverend gentleman contains many interesting passages dispersed throughout the missionary matter.

  • Marshall, Dr. W. B.: Author of A Personal Narrative of Two Visits to New Zealand. 1836.

  • Matthews, R. H.: Author of “Reminiscences of Maori Life Fifty Years Ago,” published in Vol. 43 of the Transactions of the New Zealand Institute.

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  • McDonnell, Colonel T.: Author of “Incidents of the War,” &c., published in Gudgeon's Defenders of New Zealand. 1887.

  • Montgomery, J. A.: Author of Religions of the Past and Present. 1918.

  • Newman, Dr. A. K.: Author of Who are the Maoris? Also of several papers on Maori subjects in the Transactions of the New Zealand Institute.

  • Nicholas, J. L.: Author of Narrative of a Voyage to New Zealand in 1814–15. 1817.

  • Parkinson, S.: Author of a Journal of a Voyage to the South Seas (an account of Cook's first voyage). 1773.

  • Polack, J. S.: Author of Manners and Customs of the New-Zealanders (1840), &c.

  • Rienzi, G. L. D.: This writer's work on Oceania contains two hundred pages devoted to New Zealand.

  • Savage, Dr. J.: Author of Some Account of New Zealand. 1807.

  • Scott, Dr. J. H.: Author of “Osteology of Aborigines of New Zealand and the Chatham Islands,” published in Transactions of the New Zealand Institute, Vol. 26.

  • Shortland, Dr. E.: Author of The Southern Districts of New Zealand (1851); Traditions and Superstitions of the New-Zealanders (1854); Maori Religion and Mythology (1882).

  • Smith, S. P.: Author of Hawaiki (fourth edition, 1922) and of other works on the Maori.

  • Stack, Canon J.: Author of South Island Maoris. 1898.

  • Taylor, Rev. R.: Author of Te Ika a Maui. Second edition, 1870.

  • Thomson, Dr. A. S.: Author of The Story of the New Zealand. 1859.

  • Walsh, Ven. P.: Author of “Cultivation and Treatment of the Kumara,” published in Vol. 35 of the Transactions of the New Zealand Institute.

  • Westervelt, Rev. W. D.: Author of Maui; also of Legends of Old Honolulu (1915), &c.

  • White, John: Author of the Ancient History of the Maori. 6 vols. 1887–1890.

  • Wilkes, Commodore: Author of Narrative of the United States Exploring Expedition. 1845.

  • Yate, Rev. W.: Author of An Account of New Zealand. 1835.