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Games and Pastimes of the Maori

List of Authorities Quoted or Mentioned

page 325

List of Authorities Quoted or Mentioned

Allen, Grant.—Evolution of the Idea of God, 1897.

Angas, G. F.—The New Zealanders Illustrated, 1847; Savage Life and Scenes in Australia and New Zealand, 1847.

Avebury, Lord (Sir John Lubbock).—The Origin of Civilisation, 1870.

Banks, Sir Joseph.—Accompanied Capt. James Cook on his first voyage. His Journal, published in 1896, contains much interesting data concerning the Maori folk.

B [Aucke], W.—Where the White Man Treads, 1905.

Bidwill, J. C.—Rambles in New Zealand, 1841.

Brown, W.—New Zealand and its Aborigines, 1845.

Buck, Dr. P. H.—Maori Somatology, Journal of the Polynesian Society, 1922, and other papers.

Buller, Rev. James.—Forty Years in New Zealand, 1878, New Zealand Past and Present, 1880.

Colenso, W.—On the Maori Races of New Zealand, Transactions of the New Zealand Institute, Vol. 1, 1869; many other papers on the Maori published in the same Journal.

Conder, Col., C. R.—The Rise of Man, 1908.

Cook, Capt. Jas.—Cook's Voyages represents a mine of wealth to the student of Maori and Polynesian ethnology.

Crozet, Lieut.—Voyage to Tasmania, New Zealand, etc. Contains much interesting data concerning the Maori. English translation by H. Ling Roth, 1891.

Cruise, Capt. R. A.—Journal of a Ten Months' Residence in New Zealand, 1823.

D'urville, Capt. M. J. D.—Voyage of the Astrolabe, 1830; gives much information concerning New Zealand.

Earle, A.—A Narrative of a Nine Months' Residence in New Zealand in 1827. Published in 1832.

Forster, G.—A Voyage Round the World (Cook's second voyage), 1777.

Hewitt, J. F.—Primitive Traditional History, 1907. Journal of the Polynesian Society.—1892-1920, Wellington, N.Z.

Mair, Capt. G.—Contributor of Ms. notes. Author of Reminiscences and Maori Stories, 1923.

Manihera Waititi.—A contributor of much interesting data.

page 326

Marshall, Dr. W. B.—A Personal Narrative of Two Visits to New Zealand, 1836.

Matthews, R. H.—Reminiscences of Maori Life Fifty Years ago, Transactions of the New Zealand Institute, Vol. 43, 1911.

Mcdonnell, Col.—A Maori History, 1887; Tales of the Maori, 1887.

Montgomery, J. A.—Religions of the Past and Present, 1918.

Nicholas, J. S.—Narrative of a Voyage to New Zealand in 1814-15. Published 1817.

Parkinson, S.—Journal of a Voyage to the South Seas, 1773. An account of Cook's first voyage.

Polack, J. S.—New Zealand, a Narrative of Travel and Adventures, etc., 1838. Manners and Customs of the New Zealanders, 1840.

Savage, Dr. J.—Some Account of New Zealand, 1807.

Scott, Dr. J. H.—Osteology of Aborigines of New Zealand and of the Chatham Islands, Transactions of the New Zealand Institute, Vol. 26, 1894.

Shortland, Dr. E.—The Southern Districts of New Zealand, 1851; Traditions and Superstitions of the New Zealanders, 1854; Maori Religion and Mythology, 1882.

Smith, S. P.—Author of Hawaiki, 1898; Maori History of the Taranaki Coast, 1910; etc., etc. Late editor the Polynesian Society's Journal.

Stack, Canon.—South Island Maoris, 1898.

Taylor, Rev. R.—Te Ika a Maui. 2nd ed., 1870.

Thomson, Dr. A. S.—The Story of New Zealand, 1859.

Tylor, Prof. E. B.—Primitive Culture, 1871; Anthropology, 1881; etc., etc.

Westervelt, Rev. W. D.—Legends of Gods and Ghosts, 1915; Legends of Old Honolulu, 1915; Hawaiian Legends of Volcanoes, 1916; Maui, 1910 (Australasian ed. 1912), etc., etc.

White, John.—The Ancient History of the Maori, 6 vols, 1887-1890.

Wilkes, Commodore.—Commanded the U.S. Exploring Expedition. Author of the Narrative of that expedition published in 1845.

Yate, Rev.—An Account of New Zealand, 1835.