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Forest Lore of the Maori


page xiii


Fig. 1—Kopa or tawiri, device for squeezing titoki berries 58
Fig. 2—Tari-weka (weka snare) 176
Fig. 3—Perch with feeding and drinking bowls for captive kaka 211
Fig. 4—Mutu-kaka (bird-snaring perches), kira type 211
Fig. 5—Mutu-kaka (bird-snaring perches), porae type 212
Fig. 6—Pewa, disguised snares for small birds 212
Fig. 7—Ladder 221
Fig. 8—Ara-tautika (ladder) 223
Fig. 9—Mekameka (ladder) 225
Fig. 10—Poles to give access to adjacent trees 227
Fig. 11—Waka-kereru (pigeon-snare) in tree-top 236
Fig. 12—Pigeon-snare 249
Fig. 13—Bone points of bird-spears 250
Fig. 14—Bird-spear with pehapeha 251
Fig. 15—Ornamentation on waka-kereru (pigeon-troughs for snares) 252
Fig. 16—Waka-kereru, with snares as set by Elsdon Best 253
Fig. 17—Waka-kereru, with snares as set by Elsdon Best 254
Fig. 18—Waka-kereru (pigeon-trough) with snares 255
Fig. 19—Waka-kereru (pigeon-trough) set in bush 256
Fig. 20—Taha-huahua (preserved-bird container) 257
Fig. 21—Waewae-taha (gourd supports) 258
Fig. 22—Taha-huahua (preserved-bird container) 259
Fig. 23—Taha-huahua (preserved-bird container without supports) 260
Fig. 24—Patua, totara-bark food-holder 261
Fig. 25—Poha (bark package of mutton-birds) 262
Fig. 26—Korapa, traps for taking small birds 263
Fig. 27—Albatross-hook 264
Fig. 28—Tara-haha (hawk-trap) 336
Fig. 29—Tawhiti; kiore-{rat) trap 370
Fig. 30—Four tawhiti; kiore-(rat) trap 373
Fig. 31—Pokipoki (rat-trap) 374
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