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Forest Lore of the Maori

The Saddle-back, the Stitch-bird and the Native Thrush:

The Saddle-back, the Stitch-bird and the Native Thrush:

Tieke or saddle-back (Creadion carunculatus). There is little to say concerning this bird; it was taken by fowlers with other birds, whenever it came within the range of a hauhau or a noose, etc. I have been told by natives that the kindling of a fire has the effect of attracting the saddle-back, but I cannot vouch for the truth of the statement.

Tihe or stitch-bird (Pogonarnis cincta). The male bird is called tihe-wera and the female tihe-wai. These birds were taken with others as tieke were, in various ways, sometimes in the puaka-trap described elsewhere, also the koapa-trap, to be described anon, which, though often said to pertain to the robin, really served as well to take a number of species of the smaller birds.

Piopio or native thrush (Turnagra tanagra). This bird was lured by means of a call-leaf in many cases, also taken in several ways as opportunity offered.