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Maori Religion and Mythology Part 2

Denizens of the Heavens

Denizens of the Heavens

Rehua, Roiho, Roake, Haepuru, Haematua, Tukapua, Pawa, Te Ikaroa, Tawhirimatea, Tuwhaitiri, and Tamaiwaho were some page 399of the beings who sympathised with Rangi when he was separated from Papa, and so they went and abode with him, they dwell on the breast of Rangi instead of that of the Earth Mother. Others who cling to the heavens were Taputu-rangi, Hakuwai, Korekerangi and Pekehawani. The first three of these are said to be birds, perhaps all mythical, while Pekehawani is a star name. The Tuwhaitiri mentioned above may or may not be one and the same being as Tawhaitari, who belongs to the realm of Rangi-tamaku.

There is a singular story in Maori myth to the effect that there are bands of dogs in the heavens. This tale appears in the story of Tawhaki.

Maori myths tell us of a number of beings who ascended to the heavens in the remote past, among whom were Tane, Whiro, Tawhaki, Rongomaui and Haukiwaho. The last named is described by Matatua folk as a being of very singular appearance, he had no nose and no ears, his face was flat, having apertures for mouth, nostrils, eyes and ears.