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Maori Religion and Mythology Part 2



Te Ihorangi Hine-te-ihorangi
page 306

These represent rain (ua). Here we have apparently two different beings. Hine-te-ihorangi is a female personification, but Te Ihorangi appears as one of the offspring of Rangi and Papa, and so must have been a male in Takitimu lore. He took to wife Huru-te-arangi and begat the Cold Ones; snow, ice, frost, and hail. Maui called upon Te Ihorangi to succour him when he was assailed by Fire. Hinewai represents fine, mistlike rain. A number of proper names are also applied to different aspects of rain. The sign of the advent of Whaitiri (thunder) is said to be Makerewhatu, a word that describes heavy rain; other such special names have already been given.