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Maori Religion and Mythology Part 2



One of the most important of personifications, for he represents misfortune. One form of the myth makes Aitua a son of Rangi and Papa. In funeral speeches one often hears allusions to 'This important personage Aitua' who destroys man, and the strokes of misfortune that can only be avenged by tears and lamentation.


Daughter of Tane and Hine-titama, she represents growth in the vegetable world. "Tenei to aro ko te aro o Hine-rauwharangi, e tipua, e rea" is the opening line of a charm to cause the sweet potato plants to grow and flourish. In another chant the growth of those plants is alluded to in these words: "Ka hoka a Hine-rauwharangi i a ia i konei" This Hine-rau-wharangi was the mother of Hine-moana, the personified form of the ocean.