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Maori Religion and Mythology Part 2

The Ocean

The Ocean

Moana-nui Wainui

Personified forms of the ocean. The first two have already been explained. Hine-moana, the better known of these personifications, was a granddaughter of Tane, and she became the second wife of Kiwa. Another version makes Hine-te-ahorangi the mother of Hine-moana. Kiwa was one of the sons of Rangi and Papa. Kiwa first took Parawhenuamea to wife and generated the waters of the earth, hence the waters gushed forth and formed the ocean. (Ko Parawhenuamea i a Kiwa, nana te wai. Ko te wahine page 310tuatahi tenei a Kiwa, nana i hika mai te wai, koia i pupu mai ai te wai ka takato hei moana.) It was Watea (space) who separated the earth from the waters, and sky from earth.

Hine-huka-a-tai Hine-riko-moana

These two names are apparently those of personifications, and appear in connection with that of Hine-moana; they have not been explained, but the first seems to denote sea foam; riko moana is difficult to explain, but may denote sea glare.