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Maori Religion and Mythology Part 2



Makohu-rangi Hine-pukohu
Hine-makohu Hine-pukohu-rangi
Hine-makohu-rangi Tairi-a-kohu
Hine-kohu Hine-takohu rangi

All these names denote the Mist Maid, the personified form of fog and mist. It will be observed that a considerable number of such personifications are of the female sex. The Matatua tribes speak of Hine-pukohu, at Whanganui Hine-makohu is the form used, while Tairi-a-kohu was collected at the Wairoa, H.B. The Mist Maid dwells with the Cloud Children in the Cloud House known as Te Ahoaho o Tukapua, wherein they seek shelter from the rude bufferings of the Whanau puhi or Wind Children. The Tuhoe folk have a mythical line of descent from Hine-pukohu-rangi, as the Wairoa folk have from Tairi-a-kohu.