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Maori Religion and Mythology Part 1

Tane and Paia Receive New Names

Tane and Paia Receive New Names

At a certain time Rehua and Ruatau, two of the attendants of Io in the uppermost heaven, descended to Maunganui (great mountain) and called to Paia to go to them. When he arrived Rehua inquired, "In what condition are the offspring of Rangi living?" Paia replied, "In cold and discomfort, in seeking and anxiety, and separation." Rehua asked, "Where is Tane?" and Paia answered, "Within Huaki-pouri, in the sheltered haven he dwells." Then Rehua said, "Go! Tell Tane that you two are to ascend Maunganui."

So Tane and Ruatau ascended Maunganui, whereupon they were conveyed to the waterside, where the pure rite was performed over them, and after that the ceremonial termed tohi, whereby Tane received the important title of Tane-nui-a-Rangi, while upon Paia was bestowed the name of Tupai. Rehua and Ruatau then returned to Tikitiki-o-rangi, the abode of Io. Prior to their departure they told Tane and Paia that, when they returned to Papa-tuanuku, they should protect and cherish all living beings as companions for themselves.