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The Maori - Volume I

List of Authorities Quoted

page 481

List of Authorities Quoted

  • Angas G. F.—Author of The New Zealanders' Illustrated (1847). Savage Life and Scenes in Australia and New Zealand (1847).

  • Beattie, H.—Author of papers on South Island Natives, published in Transactions of New Zealand Institute and Journal of the Polynesian Society.

  • Brown, J. McM.—Author of Maori and Polynesian (1907), and other works.

  • Buller, Rev. J.—Author of Forty Years in New Zealand (1878); also of New Zealand Past and Present (1880).

  • Burne, C. S.—Handbook of Folklore (1914).

  • Cheeseman, T. F.—Author of Manual of the New Zealand Flora (1906); also of Cultivated Food Plants of the Polynesians, and many other papers published in the Transactions of the New Zealand Institute.

  • Colenso, W.—Author of an essay on the Maori Race of New Zealand, and other papers on the Maori published in the Transactions of the New Zealand Institute.

  • Cook, Capt. Jas.—The accounts of Cook's voyages contain highly interesting data concerning the natives of many isles of the Pacific.

  • Crooke, W.—Author of Natives of Northern India (1907).

  • Crozet—Author of Voyage to Tasmania, New Zealand, etc. English translation by H. Ling Roth (1891).

  • Dieffenbach, Dr. E.—Author of Travels in New Zealand (1843).

  • Draper—Author of The Conflict between Science and Religion, etc.

  • Earle, A.—Author of A Narrative of a Nine Months' Residence in New Zealand in 1827 (1832).

  • Fornander—Author of An Account of the Polynesian Race (1878).

  • Forster, G.—Author of an account of Cook's second voyage, published in 1777.

  • Gill, Rev. W. W.—Author of Myths and Songs from the South Pacific (1876), and other works.

  • Gudgeon, Col. W. E.—Author of many papers on Maori subjects published in the Journal of the Polynesian Society, the Monthly Review, etc.

  • Hammond, Rev. T. G.—Author of The Story of Aotea (1924).

  • Heremia—A native contributor of Ngati-Pamoana, Whanganui district.

    page 482
  • Hewitt, J. F.—Author of Primitive Traditional History (1907).

  • Hochstetter, Dr. F. von—Author of New Zealand, its Physical Geography, etc. (1867).

  • Hurae Puketapu—A native contributor of the Wairoa, H.B. district.

  • Jenks, E.—Author of A History of Politics (1900). Journal of the Polynesian Society. Vols. 1–32. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute.

  • Letourneau—Author of The Evolution of Marriage.

  • Kamakau—A native of the Hawaiian Isles, author of a work on native lore.

  • Max Muller—Author of Anthropological Religion (1892), and of many other works.

  • McNab, R.—Author of Historical Records of New Zealand, and other works.

  • Matorohanga, Te—A famed repository of Maori lore of the Wairarapa district.

  • Nahe, Hoani—A native contributor to the Journal of the Polynesian Society.

  • Nelson, C.—A noted Maori scholar, but one who did not publish the results of his researches.

  • Nicholas, J. L.—Author of Narrative of a Voyage to New Zealand in 1814–15 (1817).

  • Nihoniho, Tuta—A member of the Ngati-Porou tribe, and an enthusiastic contributor of Maori lore. Author of Narrative of the Fighting on the East Coast (1913).

  • Philpot, Mrs. J. H.—Author of The Sacred, Tree (1897)

  • Pio, Hamiora—A native correspondent of Te Teko, who contributed ten MS. volumes of Maori lore.

  • Polack, J. S.—Author of Manners and Customs of the New Zealanders (1840), etc.

  • Renan—Author of The History of Israel, etc.

  • Savage, Dr. J.—Author of Some Account of New Zealand (1807).

  • Scott, Dr. J. H.—Author of Osteology of Aborigines of New Zealand and of the Chatham Islands, published in Vol. 26 of the Transactions of the New Zealand Institute.

  • Shand, A.—Author of The Moriori People of the Chatham Islands (1911), being Vol. 2 of the Memoirs of the Polynesian Society.

  • Shortland, Dr. E.—Author of Maori Religion and Mythology (1882), The Southern Districts of New Zealand (1851), and Traditions and Superstitions of the New Zealanders (1854).

  • Skinner, W. H.—A contributor to the Journal of the Polynesian Society, and present Editor of that Journal.

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  • Stack, Canon—Author of South Island Maoris (1898); also contributor to the Transactions of the New Zealand Institute.

  • Tamarau—A native contributor of much data; a member of the Tuhoe tribe.

  • Tarakawa—A native contributor to the Journal of the Polynesian Society.

  • Taylor, Rev. R.—Author of Te Ika a Maui, 2nd edition (1870).

  • Thomson, Dr. A. S.—Author of The Story of New Zealand (1859).

  • Tipihau—A native contributor of the Tuhoe tribe. Transactions of the New Zealand Institute, Vols. 1–53.

  • Tregear, E.—Author of The Maori Comparative Dictionary (1891), The Maori Race (1904), and other works.

  • Turoa, Topia—A learned native of the Whanganui district.

  • Tutakangahau—A learned member of the Tuhoe tribe.

  • Tylor, Prof. E. B.—Author of Anthropology (1881), Primitive Culture (1871), etc.

  • Walpole, Lieut. F.—Author of Four Years in the Pacific (1849). Whare-wānanga, The Lore of the—Translated by S. Percy Smith, being Vol. 3 of the Memoirs of the Polynesian Society, 1913.

  • White, John—Author of The Ancient History of the Maori, in six vols., and Te Rou, (1874). Much of his unpublished MS.S. have been consulted.

  • Williams'sMaori Dictionary, 5th edition (1917).

  • Williams, John—Author of Missionary Enterprises (1837).

  • Wilson, J. A.—Author of The Story of Te Waharoa (1866), and of Sketches of Ancient Maori Life and History (1894).

  • Wohlers, Rev. J. F. H.—Contributed papers on South Island natives to vols. 7–8–14 of Transactions of the New Zealand Institute.

  • Yate, Rev. W.—Author of An Account of New Zealand (1835).