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Victoria University College an Essay towards a History

Longwood Featherston.February, 27th, 1901., Wellington

Longwood Featherston.

February, 27th, 1901.

The Secretary, Victoria College governors

, Wellington


I am surprised to find on paying a short visit to New Zealand from Lond, that the site for the College is still unsettled. My conviction has always been that the one position for it is on the Kelburne Park Reserve, or possibly if that should not be available on some of the land higher up. I have hesitated to express this opinion in any public way, because I knew it would be said that I was influenced by my large interest in the Kelburne Karori tramway, I have however too long been subjected to absurd misconstructions of my motives to care what may be side now that I am in a position to make a definite proposal which I hope will be considered in the spirit in which it is made, viz: If the site I have indicated is decided on, but not otherwise, I shall be happy to give a donation of (£ 1000) one thousand pounds to the College funds, to be used either for building or for an Educational endowment, as the Governors think best. The money to be paid when the College building is erected and ready for occupation. I will sign any undertaking thought desirable to this effect, so as to make the promise binding on my executors in case of my death. As events have happened which make page 80 it probable that I may spend a great part of my time in future out of New Zealand though I have no intention of becoming an absentee, I wish to show in this way some recognition of my attachment to the City of Wellington as the spot with which most of my recollections are associated.

Yours faithfully,

C. Pharazyn.