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A Life of J. C. Beaglehole: New Zealand Scholar

1. A Select List of Publications by J.C. Beaglehole

1. A Select List of Publications by J.C. Beaglehole.

A bibliography of J.C. Beaglehole's publications, John Cawte Beaglehole: A Bibliography (with 297 entries), was prepared and published by the Alexander Turnbull Library in 1972. Kathleen Coleridge, while librarian in charge of the J.C. Beaglehole Room in the Victoria University of Wellington Library, added to and corrected the bibliography, and a copy of her revised version is held in the J.C. Beaglehole Room, together with further additions I have found in the research for this biography. The J.C. Beaglehole Room also holds copies of everything listed in the bibliography.


Editorial in Spike, no.41 (June 1922), pp.[9]–12. Russian relief and the university as centre of social reform and progress.


Editorial in Spike, no.43 (June 1923), pp.7–10. The role of the university in the community.

Editorial in Spike, no.44 (September 1923), pp.[1]–7. The essence of the university.


'Ode on the Unveiling of the Memorial Window, Good Friday, April 18th, 1924: Mortalitate relicta vivunt immortalitate induti', Poem in Spike, Silver Jubilee Number (Easter 1924), pp.5–8

'The Truth about Tramping', Article (signed Viator), Spike, no.45 (June 1924), pp.25–9.

'The "Truth" about Tramping: An Editorial Statement', Spike, no.46 (September 1924), pp.10–11.

'A Note on Joseph Conrad', Spike, no.46 (September 1924), pp.19–22. Editorial in Spike, no.46 (September 1924), pp.[1]–6. On university reform.


'On Piracy as a Profession for Young Gentlemen', Note (signed Junius Brutus), Spike, no.47 (June 1925), pp.13–16.

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'The Discussions Club', Spike no.48 (September 1925), pp.55–8. Includes letter from JCB to the Chairman, Royal Commission on University Education, 'for the Victoria University College Free Discussions Club'.

page 523


'The Butcher Shop', Anonymous article reviewing The Butcher Shop by Jean Devanny, and the decision of the New Zealand Board of Censors to ban it. Spike, no.49 (June 1926), pp.38–41.

'Going Home', New Zealand Times, 14 December 1926, p.27.


'Bristol Impressions', Spike, no.51 (June 1927), pp.6–8.

'War Disabilities: Plea for Tolerance: A Night in Neustadt', Letter to the editor, Evening Post, 21 December 1927, p.17. Reprinted in the New Zealand Worker, 4 January 1928, p.8; and in Spike, no.53 (June 1928), pp.17–21.


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'Molecular Theory', Poem in The Venture, edited by Anthony Blunt (Cambridge, 1928). Reprinted on JCB Christmas card, dated from 21 Brunswick Square, Bloomsbury, with a woodcut by Raymond McGrath.


'Historical Research in London', The Press, 12 October 1929, p.15.


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'On Foot Through the Urewera', Rata: New Zealand Annual (1931), pp.3–4, 7–8.


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page 524


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page 525


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page 526

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page 527

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page 528

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page 529

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(Posthumous publications)

The Life of Captain James Cook (London: Hakluyt Society, 1974), 771pp. (Hakluyt Society extra series no.37). Issued as vol.4 of The Journals of Captain James Cook. Prepared for the press by T.H. Beaglehole.

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