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A Life of J. C. Beaglehole: New Zealand Scholar

1 Forebears

1 Forebears

1 Register of baptisms in Breage, 12 September 1805. Cornwall Record Office. William's occupation is given on the register of John's first marriage.

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5 This paragraph draws on Rowe, Cornwall in the Age of the Industrial Revolution, pp.151–6

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10 ibid.

11 The following three paragraphs owe a great deal to Margaret H. Alington, Unquiet Earth: A History of the Bolton Street Cemetery (Wellington: Wellington City Council and Ministry of Works and Development, 1978), pp.233–52

12 This is taken from an autobiographical fragment which Ernest wrote in his old age.

13 Alington, Unquiet Earth, p.244

14 For this account of the Society I have drawn on J.C. Dakin, 'Mutual Improvement Societies: The Way They Worked', in New Zealand Journal of Adult Learning, vol.19, nos.1, 2 (May/October 1987), and the records of the society. MS-Papers-1185. ATL

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21 Typescript copy of a diary kept by Joseph Butler on the Ionic

22 Amy Ward to JCB, undated (c.1961)