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A Life of J. C. Beaglehole: New Zealand Scholar

9 'A Peculiar Sort of … Public Servant', 1939–52

9 'A Peculiar Sort of … Public Servant', 1939–52

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page 503

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33 The draft letter is in ibid.

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36 ibid.

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39 'Mothers, Sisters and Wives: The Work of Women During Our First Century', New Zealand Listener, 12 April 1940, p.34. Shep believes the reviewer to have been Duff, who, during the centennial year, 'unabashedly used the columns of the New Zealand Listener to voice his difference of design opinion'.

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49 A good brief account of the affair is given by Chris Hilliard in 'Stories of Becoming', pp.6–7. A longer account is given by A.J. Booker, 'The Centennial Surveys of New Zealand, 1936–41' (BA Hons research essay, Massey University, 1983), pp.35–49. The relevant departmental file is IA 1, 62/110/5. ANZ. John gave a brief and forthright account in his letter to Norman Richmond, 21 December 1941.

page 504

50 Hilliard, 'Stories of Becoming', p.6

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55 Michael Bassett is, I think, misleading when he writes in his biography of Fraser that the Prime Minister 'conclud[ed], as did Eric McCormick, J.C. Beaglehole and McIntosh, that [Sutch's book] was a shoddy piece of work and should not form part of the series'. (Michael Bassett and Michael King, Tomorrow Comes the Song: A Life of Peter Fraser (Auckland: Penguin, 2000), p.206)

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64 The best account we have of Heenan is that of Rachel Barrowman, 'Culture-organising', pp.3–10

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72 This and the following paragraph paragraph draw heavily on recollections written for me in April 2003 by Mary Boyd.

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page 505

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87 The quotation is from the leaflet produced for the occasion.

88 The Internal Affairs file relating to this, volume, IA 1, 126/8/72 pt.3, could not be located in July 2003

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110 The relevant file in the National Archives is IA 1, 62/94/39. In the J.C. Beaglehole Papers the relevant folder is 73-004-01/10. I have also found two letters of John's especially useful: JCB to W.H. Shepardson (Carnegie Corporation of New York), 23 May 1952, and JCB to Dan Davin (Oxford University Press), 5 August 1953. In both of these he gives an account of the winding up of the atlas.

page 506

111 JCB to Davin, 5 August 1953, carbon copy

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