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The Life of Captain James Cook



For, The voyages of discovery the activities of Cook, ships' officers, masters and professional supernumeraries are not indexed in detail. They are covered by the movements and visits of the ships in which they served, under the following abbreviations:

  • (1768-71) Endeavour End.
  • (1772-5) Resolution and AdventureRes.(1) Adv. Res.: Adv.
  • (1776-80) Resolution and Discovery Res.(2) Dis. Res.: Dis.

Adv., End., Dis., Res.(1) and Res.(2) are used with names of persons to denote voyage and ship; with place names they indicate where the ship is sailing alone. Res.: Adv. and Res.: Dis. are used when the ships are sailing in company.

Names of ships are under the heading Ships; the heading Ships (Cook's) lists the ships in which Cook served and includes the Adventure and Discovery.

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