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The Endeavour Journal of Joseph Banks 1768–1771 [Volume Two]

7. Banks to the Viceroy

7. Banks to the Viceroy

[Banks's Ms draft; Commonwealth National Library Ms

Ao Illmo Ex.mo Snre Dom
Antonio Rolim,
Conde VicRey e Cappam General
dos Estados do Brazil.
The Memorial of Joseph Banks Esqr to His Excellency Count Rolim Vice-Roy and Captain General of the Estates of Brazil, in answer to His Excellency's of Nor 18.

The politeness of your excellencys answer to my memorial does me great honour notwithstanding you think proper to persist in refusing every part of my request a measure which I must own surprizes me much as the ancient usage of this port has ever heretofore been of so different a nature I must therefore beg leave to remind your excellency that the meanest of the Crews of all English ships of war who have formerly touchd here have been allowd to Land without hindrance or molestation.2

I am well acquainted that Mr Condamine when he enterd S. America on that expedition which has gaind him such immortal honour was furnishd with Credentials from the Courts both of Portugal and Spain; he, was to pass through the interior parts of the dominions of both those Crowns where it was impossible that he could be attended by any officer of the King his master who might make known his Errand and consequence, but My Case is very different; I shall throughout the whole of this expedition be under the protection of the King my Masters ship, page 320 whose commanding officer will be present to make me known wheresoever we may go. I cannot help wondering therefore that your excellency should deny me the small favour which I have asked, and that for the want of an introduction which had it been askd in England would there have been thought totaly superfluous and unnescessary

Jos: Banks FRS. & FAS
Dated on board His
Britannic Majesty's
Ship of War, Endeavour
in the Port of Rio Janeiro.
Novr 19. 1768.

2 Deleted (perhaps as tactless) after this: but also the French ships (whose revenge so quickly followd the affronts which they receivd here) were permitted to send their crews ashore on the other side of the river tho they were not allowd to enter the town