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The Endeavour Journal of Joseph Banks 1768–1771 [Volume Two]

8 (a) Translation

page 321

8 (a) Translation

[Commonwealth National Library Ms]

Pro Memorial of the Count Vice Roy of the Estate of the Brazil in answer to that of Joseph Banks Esqr

I have already exposed to your Honour the fundamental Reasons which does not permit me to serve your honour in your pretension although with great Concern, from which opinion what your Honour alleges in the prezent Memorial does not Change me, because I am not to answer for what my Antecessors did, but only for what I do, Reasons and particular orders according to the Conjuncture of those times may have moved them to Relax to the General orders and as those Circumstances are wanting to me I cannot in any one thing go from said general orders without failing in my Obligation and to my Honour.

Your Honour is much deceived in being perswaded that his most Faithfull Majesty my Master Zeals more of foreign Nations the Interior of America than the Sea ports being the principal end of this Zeal to prevent the introducing of goods that does not come from our portas of Europa, It Clearly appears that greater is the prejudice which those that come from foreign Kingdoms directly to them may cause to us than those that passes first thro’ the dominions of Spain.

I do not say nor suppose that your Honour is come with such an intent but as this point is of so great importance for the Conservação of our Commerce, It cannot nor should it be subject to my Will the Modification of the orders in this Respect

Rio a 20 November 1768.