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The Endeavour Journal of Joseph Banks 1768–1771 [Volume Two]

2. Madeira Fisha

2. Madeira Fisha

Muræna guttata Mss Merca Lus.1

—– Anguilla Linn.2

1 Murenophis angusti (Kaup) Moray. Parkinson II, pl. 1; Solander p. 201.

2 The Common Eel, Anguilla anguilla. Lowe (1839) says that eels are the only indigenous freshwater fish of the island.

page 280
  • Trachinus Draco Linn. Aranha Lus.1

  • Coryphæna Novacula Linn. Papagaya Lus.2

  • Scorpæna Patriarcha Mscr.3

  • —– Chorrista Mscr Menino do coro Lus.4

  • Pleuronectes Rhomboides Mscr Solha Lus.5

  • Chætodon luridus Mss Castanpeta Lus.6

  • Sparus sarghus Linn. Sargho.7

  • —– griseus Mss.8

  • —– mundus Mss.9

  • Callyodon rubiginosus Mss Budiam Lus.10

  • Labrus lunaris Linn. Peixe verde Lus.11

  • Sciena angustata Mss. Bocavoens Lus.12

  • Perca decorata Mss.13

  • —– Imperator Mss Emperador Lus.14

  • Scomber scombrus Linn.15

  • —– Trachurus Linn.16

1 The Greater Weever. According to Lowe its vernacular name is ‘Aranha do Mar’, and ‘Aranha’ is used for Trachinus vipera, the Lesser Weever.

2 Xyrichthys novacula. Parkinson II, pl. 8; Solander p. 217.

3 Scorpaena porcus. Parkinson II, pl. 15; Solander p. 217.

4 Pontinus kuhlii (Bowdich). Parkinson II, pl. 18, upper figure; Solander pp. 213–5. One of Banks's specimens of this very handsome fish is still in the collection at the British Museum.

5 Bothuspodas (Delaroche).

6 Abudefduf luridus (Guy.). See Parkinson II, pl. 29, lower figure, and Solander p. 227. Cuvier founded this species on a Madeiran specimen labelled C. luridus in Broussonet's collection. Broussonet was a great friend of Banks and, like him, primarily a botanist but with many other interests.

7 Diplodus sargus. There is a painting by Buchan in Parkinson II, pl. 37, lower figure; Solander p. 229.

8 Pagellus bogaraveo (Brünnich), Spanish Bream. Painted by Buchan in Parkinson II, pl. 51, lower figure; Solander p. 233.

9 It has not been possible to identify this species, although there is a long description by Solander, pp. 235–6, with a reference to a painting which has not been found. It is possible that the latter was given another Ms name: this has happened in one or two other cases.

10 Sparisoma cretensis. Parkinson II, pl. 43; Solander p. 239. Cuvier and Valenciennes published the name Seaus rubiginosus in 1840 (Hist. Nat. Poissons, 14, p. 171) from the Solander Ms and Parkinson drawings; they also cited other authors, such as Lowe, Webb and Berthelot.

11 Thalassoma pavo. Parkinson II, pl. 47, upper figure; Solander p. 243.

12 Centracanthus cirrus (Rafinesque). Parkinson II, pl. 63, lower figure; Solander p. 245. In 1830 Cuvier and Valenciennes wrote (op. cit. 6, p. 421) ‘Nous avons trouvé dans les dessins de Parkinson une figure faite à Madère.—–Solander avait nommé cette espèce Sciaena angustata’.

13 Paracentropristis atrkauda (Günther). Parkinson II, pl. 83; Solander p. 255. Mr A. C. Wheeler has recently discovered Banks's specimen in the British Museum collections.

14 Anthias anthias. Parkinson II, pi. 79; Solander p. 257. There are two paintings of this fish: on the back of one is written ‘Mr. B. thinks it too pale’, so apparently Parkinson made the second one, which is most beautiful, to satisfy Banks. The specimen collected then is still in the British Museum.

15 Mackerel.

16 Trachurus trachurus (Linn.). The Scad or Horse Mackerel.