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The Endeavour Journal of Joseph Banks 1768–1771 [Volume Two]

7. Sandwich to Lord North

7. Sandwich to Lord North

Admiralty June 8th 1772

My Lord,

Mr. Bradshaw told me last night your Lordship had some idea that Mr. Banks might still go on the voyage in the Resolution: I scarcely believe that after the letter he has written to me, in which he has given his reasons at large, and after almost unloading the ship to bring his goods to town, he can again change his opinion and think the Resolution a safe and proper vessel. Besides, the accomodation that was offered to be made in her for his convenience has not been carried into execution and she is now fitted and ready for sea on a plan for fewer passengers. If therefore she was again to be altered, it would employ a month at least, which would in my opinion be fatal to the voyage, as the Board of Admiralty is convinced after taking the advice of some of the best sea officers in the service, that the safety and success of the voyage depends on their sailing from the Cape of Good Hope at latest by the beginning of November, which cannot easily be done unless they leave England without farther loss of time.

As for the idea of the impropriety of the ship, or the possibility of substituting another in her room, if your Lordship wishes to be informed upon that subject, the Comptroller of the Navy will fully explain it to you, and convince you that there is not the least occasion for the change. For these reasons I hope (if you have no objection of your own) that you will encourage Mr. Foster1 who from all hands is admitted to be one of the fittest persons in Europe for such an undertaking; he is ready to go at a moment's warning, is thoroughly satisfied of the safety of the ship and with her present accomodation, and having his son with him, who is a very able draughtsman and designer, will fully supply the chasm occasioned by Mr. Banks’ having withdrawn himself from the voyage.

I am etc. etc.


page 349

1 i.e. Forster.