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The Endeavour Journal of Joseph Banks 1768–1771 [Volume Two]

4. Sandwich to Banks

4. Sandwich to Banks

Admiralty June 2nd 1772


I am favoured with your [letter] of the 30th past, giving your reasons for not embarking on board the Resolution. I am sorry that the alteration you proposed to make in the said letter has not taken place, as it will probably make it necessary that some answer should be given if your letter is made public; for it is a heavy charge against this Board to suppose that they mean to send a number of men to sea in an unhealthy ship. In this point, and in most of the reasoning of the above-mentioned letter, I differ greatly with you in opinion, and shall therefore be sorry if anything page 344 is printed on either side; but I am sure if you will give yourself time to think coolly, you will at once see the impropriety of publishing to the world an opinion of your own, that one of the King's ships is unfit for a voyage she is going to be employed in, and that her crew will be in danger of losing their lives if they go to sea in her.

You are certainly your own master, and have a thorough right to determine for yourself and your attendants, but when this is done, I cannot think you should endeavour to make those who remain on board uneasy with their situation. It can answer no purpose to you, and I am positive the probability that this will be an unhealthy ship is not founded, and that if called upon, we shall be able to bring the fullest proof to the contrary; that paragraph being in your letter should in my humble opinion induce you not to print it.

I am with great regard etc. etc.