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The Endeavour Journal of Joseph Banks 1768–1771 [Volume One]

Colour Plates

page xv

Colour Plates

I. Joseph Banks frontispiece
From a painting by Sir Joshua Reynolds. Oil on canvas, 50 × 40 in. The portrait was exhibited at the Royal Academy show of 1773. It is now in the possession of the Hon. Mrs Clive Pearson, of Parham Park, Sussex, by whose kind permission it is reproduced.
II. Bougainvillea spectabilis Willd facing p. 196
Brazil, 24. 36.5 × 23.5 cm. Titled ‘Calyxis-ternaria’ and signed ‘Sydney Parkinson pinxt 1768.’ Banks has added the name ‘Brasil’ to the bottom right corner. Later inscriptions in pencil are ‘Bougainvillea’ and ‘Buginvillea spectabilis Willd[enow]’.
III. Berberis ilicifolia Forst.f. facing p. 244
Tierra del Fuego 7. 37.1 × 23.5 cm. Titled ‘Berberissempivirens’ and signed ‘Sydney Parkinson pinxt 1769.’ In a later hand ‘sempivirens’ has been lightly scored through in pencil and ‘ilicifolia Forst.’ substituted above.
IV. Hibiscus abelmoschus L. facing p. 260
Society Islands I, 15. 39.5 × 25.4 cm. Signed ‘Sydney Parkinson pinxt 1769.’ In the bottom right corner the pencil note in Banks's hand ‘Otahite’.
V. Barringtonia speciosa J. R. & G. Forst. facing p. 292
Society Islands I, 57. 41.1 × 20.3 cm. Unsigned. The name ‘Barringtonia speciosa Willd.’ is written in pencil in a later hand. The mount bears the title ‘Agasta splendida Miers. On the back are faint pencil notes, ‘Mem the stamina are made rather too short’, ‘56 Butonica splendida’, and, in ink by Banks, ‘Otahite’. There are also two unfinished pencil drawings, Nos. 56 and 58, with notes on the back: 56 ‘Butonica splendida’, and 58, ‘The fruit is bright grass green when dry dark brown’.
VI. Spondias dulcis Forst.f. Vi or Vi apple facing p. 308
Society Islands I, 30. 45.5 × 28.8 cm. (The height includes the inset drawing of inflorescence.) Signed ‘Sydney Parkinson pinxt 1769.’; pencilled note by Banks, ‘Otaheite’. page xvi
VIIa. Zebrasoma flavescens Bennett? facing p. 356
Zoological II, Pisces 22a. 7.4 × 8.3 cm. Unsigned. Name ‘Chaetodon an militans’ lower right, in Banks's (?) hand. On the back the pencil notes by Banks, ‘No. 32. Zeus elevatus/ Erapepe’; by Parkinson, ‘Taumatus, the same name with their [word illegible]’; and by Solander, in ink, ‘Otahite’.
VIIb. Zanclus cornutus (L.) Moorish Idol facing p. 356
Zool. II, 29a. 14 × 9.6 cm. Unsigned, but Dryander has written in lower left, ‘S. Parkinson’. Pencil notes: lower left, '+ ch. Cornutias’; by Parkinson lower right, ‘Tátèhee’ (apparently the island name of the fish), and above the fish, ‘pale blue’. On the back, by Parkinson, ‘there is of this fish as large again’; by Banks, ‘No 21 Chaetodon rostratus’; and by Solander, in ink, ‘Otahite’.
VIIc. Rhinecanthus aculeatus (L.) facing p. 356
Zool. I, Mammalia. Aves. Amphibia, 59. 8.9 × 17.6 cm. Name ‘S. Parkinson’ in Dryander's hand lower left corner. Lower right, in pencil in Banks's hand, the name ‘Balist aculeatus L.’ and the further names, ‘oidē / Oethi / Oiwe tea’. On the back the pencil note by Parkinson, ‘The colours on the back soften'd in the Orange & purple bright’; by Banks, ‘N0 50 Balistes ornatus’; and by Solander, in ink, ‘Otahite’.
VIIIa. Anisochaetodon falcula (Bloch) Butterfly-fish facing p. 372
Zool. II, 22b. 7 × 10 cm. Name in Dryander's hand, ‘S. Parkinson’. Title written later on recto, ‘Ch.falcula (ulietensis, C.V.)’. On the back the pencil note, ‘No. 67 The fish lost’; another note, on colours, some of which is erased and the rest illegible; and in ink, by Banks, ‘Ulhietea’.
VIIIb. Anisochaetodon vagabundus (L.) Butterfly-fish facing p. 372
Zool. II, 30. 9.6 × 15.3 cm. Name in Dryander's hand, ‘S. Parkinson’. Near the tail of the fish is a pencil note by Parkinson, ‘dark chesnut’, and on the lower right, ‘Paraha’; elsewhere on the recto, by others, ‘Ch. vagabundus’, ‘chaet. speciosus Mss/Paraharaha/[word illegible]’; on the back, by Banks, ‘No. 48. Chaetodon aulicus’, and by Solander, in ink, ‘Otahite’.
VIIIc. Megaprotodon strigangulus (Gm.) ? Butterfly-fish facing p. 372
Zool. II, 23b. 6.3 × 12 cm. Name in Dryander's hand, ‘S. Parkinson’. The pencilled name, abbreviated on recto, ‘Ch[aetodon] strigangulus’, is repeated on the back in full, with the note in ink by Banks, ‘Otahite’. page xvii
IX. Clianthus puniceus Banks & Soland. ex Lindl. Kaka Beak facing p. 420
New Zealand I, 104. 46.8 × 29.6 cm. Unsigned. An unfinished drawing has one flower and a leaf or two coloured, and a pencil note on the back, ‘The capsula a bright yellow green / 118 Clianthus puniceus’.
X. Fuchsia excorticata Linn.f. Kotukutuku or Tree Fuchsia facing p. 436
New Zealand I, 162. 47 × 27.5 cm. Signed James Miller pinxt. 1775.’ On the back are the pencil notes ‘Agapanthus calyciflorus’ and ‘Tegadu’ (Anaura Bay). On the back of the unfinished drawing, No. 161, is the note, ‘The calyx deep Crimson on the inside as are also the filaments & stile the top of which is yellow The petals dark purple the outside of the calyx paler & ting'd wt green anthera yellow ting'd wt red the upper part of the leaves dark grass green the under part white wt a cast of green & vein'd wt green the capsula green the stalk gray green’.