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A Popular Vision: The Arts and the Left in New Zealand 1930-1950

(ii) Manuscripts

(ii) Manuscripts

Associated Booksellers of New Zealand. Minutes books, 1931-59. Ms y 1075, 1076. Alexander Turnbull Library

Christchurch Co-operative Book Society. Minute books, 1938-1970. Acc 90-259. Alexander Turnbull Library

Falconer, Alun. 'The Reichstag Fire Trial', 1940. Rona Bailey. Private collection

Extravaganza scripts (Victoria University of Wellington), 1932-49. P. Macaskill. Private collection

Glover, Denis. Papers, 1928-1970. Ms Papers 418. Alexander Turnbull Library (consulted with the permission of the Chief Librarian)

Hamilton People's Theatre. Programmes and newspaper clippings. Ephemera collection: Theatre, 1940s. Hamilton Public Library

Harris, John. Personal papers, ca.1930-1940. M1, 645. Hocken Library

Left Book Club. Study course on Strachey's Programme for Progress, [194-]. Ms Papers 1327. Alexander Turnbull Library

Locke, Jack. Deposit (Communist Party material 1924-40). University of Canterbury Library

Lowry, Robert. Papers. Ms A-194. University of Auckland Library

Mason, Bruce. Papers. Victoria University of Wellington Library (consulted with the permission of Mrs L. Robinson)

Mason, R.A.K. Papers. Ms Papers 990. Hocken Library (consulted with the permission of John Caselberg)

page 269

Millar, Nola Leigh. Papers, ca.1930-1971. Ms Papers 1563. Alexander Turnbull Library

Modern Books, Dunedin. Papers, 1944-55. Ms Papers 711. Hocken Library

New Zealand Communist Party. Otago Branch. Papers. Ms Papers 675. Hocken Library

New Zealand Society for Closer Relations with the USSR. Christchurch Branch. Executive minutes and other papers. H. Winston Rhodes. Private collection

New Zealand Society for Closer Relations with the USSR. Lower Hutt Branch. Records, 1945-1946. Ms Papers 3826. Alexander Turnbull Library

People's Theatre. Papers. NZ Ms 841. Auckland Public Library

People's Theatre. Programmes: Judgment Day (1938); Falls the Shadow (1939). Ephemera. Frieda Dickens Programme Collection. Auckland Public Library

Progressive Book Society Ltd. Records. Len Parker. Private collection

Rhodes, H. Winston. Papers. Ms Papers 93. University of Canterbury Library

Rhodes, H. Winston. Papers, ca.1939-October 1964. Ms Papers 888. Alexander Turnbull Library

Roth, H. O. 'John Harris: Biography and Bibliography', 1970. Misc. ms 1970. Hocken Library

Roth, H.O. Left Book Club file; progressive bookshops file. Private collection

Silverstone, Mark. Papers. Ms Papers 1016. Hocken Library

Unity Theatre. Programmes; 'Pageant' script. Ian McClymont. Private collection

Unity Theatre. Records. Ace 80/1. Alexander Turnbull Library

Wellington Co-operative Book Society Ltd. Papers, 1938-1970. Ms Papers 1122. Alexander Turnbull Library

Workers' Educational Association, Auckland. Dramatic Club. Programmes, 1933-49. Ephemera collection. Auckland Institute and Museum Library; and Mervyn Lusty. Private collection