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A Popular Vision: The Arts and the Left in New Zealand 1930-1950

5. Unity Theatre Productions, 1942-49

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5. Unity Theatre Productions, 1942-49


25 September: According to Plan (Parsons). Lower Hutt Communist Party variety evening

1  October: According to Plan. Rally and dance, Trades Hall

7  October: According to Plan; Where's That Bomb? (Gullan and Buckley), with Russian folk dance and American and Russian folk songs by the Unity Theatre Choir. CP concert

10 December: Royal Inn; According to Plan; Erna Kremer (Bishou). RSA Hall


14 March: lecture: 'The international theatre of protest', WJ. Scott, with reading: The Earth Is Ours (Kozlenko) (performed by Wellington Teachers' Training College students). English Speaking Union rooms

18 April: lecture: 'Mime and satire as a weapon of the theatre', Elsie Lloyd, with reading: Awake and Sing! (Odets). SCR rooms

16 May: lecture: 'The American theatre and drama', Rona Meek, with reading: My Heart's in the Highlands (Saroyan). SCR rooms

?: Waiting for Lefty (Odets). Reading (for members only)

30  May: lecture: 'Unity Theatre, London', Robert Stead, with reading: Life is Calling. SCR rooms

13 June: Paul Green evening, with reading: In Abraham's Bosom. SCR rooms

27 June: social evening with play reading, singing and entertainment. SCR rooms

11 July: lecture: 'The non-commercial theatre, i.e. the amateur theatre, the Soviet theatre, and the Federal Theatre, USA', S. Williams, with reading. SCR rooms

25 July: Distant Point (Afinogenov). Reading. SCR rooms

8 August: lecture: 'The Greek drama', Nance Potter, with reading: The Iphigenia in Tauris (Euripides). SCR rooms

22 August: reading and discussion of three one-act plays. SCR rooms

1-3 September: The Artist (Chekhov); According to Plan (Parsons); The Red Velvet Coat (Niggli). British Drama League Festival

5 September: lecture: 'Anton Chekhov', Howard Wadman, with reading: excerpt from The Russians (Simonov). SCR rooms

18  September: two-act Noel Coward comedy (Fumed Oak?). SCR social and dance

19  September: The End of the Beginning (O'Casey); Sweeney Agonistes (Eliot); Guerilla Wedding; excerpts from The Ascent of F6 (Auden and Isherwood), with folk dancing. RSA Hall

17  October: three-act play reading. SCR rooms

23  October: one-act play performed for CP national conference

31  October: lecture: 'The working class theatre in London', with reading: excerpts from Dirge Without Dole (Mount). SCR rooms

14 November: Squaring the Circle (Katayev). Reading. SCR rooms

27 November: Of Mice and Men (Steinbeck). Reading. Social evening, Grey Cabs Hall

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?: Two Gentlemen of Soho (Herbert). Reading

?: The Moon is Down (Steinbeck). Reading

?: Love on the Dole (Gow and Greenwood). Reading


15-16,18 March: Of Mice and Men. Teachers' Training College Hall

7 May: lecture: 'Ibsen', Ron Meek, with readings and folk dancing. SCR rooms 28 May: According to Plan. SCR celebration of the second anniversary of the Anglo-Soviet Treaty. Time Theatre

18 June: Take Back Your Freedom (Holtby). Reading, with folkdancing. SCRrooms

25 June: 'Landmarks of working class drama': readings and extracts from Spender, Saroyan, Steinbeck and The Reichstag Fire Trial (Falconer). Unity Centre

2 July: lecture: 'J. M. Synge, the famous Irish playwright', Blackwood Paul. SCR rooms

16 July: Watch on the Rhine (Hellman). Reading (produced by John Gray). SCR rooms

26 July: The Cave (Galitsky). BDL festival (second place)

27 August: The Cave, with lecture: 'Is there a Jewish problem in New Zealand?', Ron Meek. SCR rooms

17 September: Sur le Pont (Gray); Who Killed Me? (Chantel); The Dark Lady of the Sonnets (Shaw). Unity Theatre

24 September: lecture: 'Hollywood and the status quo', Gordon Mirams. Unity Theatre

28-30 November, 2 December: They Came to a City (Priestley). Teachers' Training College Hall

?: Sur le Pont. Army, Navy and Airforce Social Club


10-11, 17-18 February: They Came to a City (Priestley). Unity Theatre

10-11, 17-18 March: The Artist (Chekhov); The Enemy (Alexander); All Aboard (Bengal). Unity Theatre

8 April: lecture: 'Can the theatre be used as a propaganda weapon?', Rona Meek, with reading: All Aboard (Bengal). Unity Centre

6 May: film screening: Council for Education of Music, Drama and Art. Unity Theatre

20 May: Ladies in Retirement (Percy and Denham). Reading. Unity Theatre

3 June: Too True to be Good (Shaw). Reading. Unity Theatre

17 June: lecture: 'Can the theatre be used as a propaganda weapon?', Rona Meek, with reading: Journey for an Unknown Soldier. Unity Theatre

1 July: Down on the Farm (Brown); The Bear (Chekhov); Something to Talk About (Phillpotts). Readings. Unity Theatre

15 July: lecture: 'Drama and the community', Maria Dronke. Unity Theatre

19 July: Sur le Pont. BDL festival

3-5,11-13,18-19, 25-6 August: Jacobowsky and the Colonel (Werfel). Unity Theatre

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16 September: The Hairy Ape (O'Neill). Reading. Unity Theatre

14 October: The Children's Hour (Hellman). Reading. Unity Theatre

28  October: Awake and Sing! (Odets). Reading. Unity Theatre

11 November: lecture: 'Stage make-up', A. Peacock. Unity Theatre 15-16 December: The Feminine Touch (Kvasnitsky); Hello Out There (Saroyan); excerpt from My Sister Eileen (Fields and Chodorov). Readings. Unity Theatre


31 March: Days to Come (Hellman). Reading. Unity Theatre

24, 26-7 April: Juno and the Paycock (O'Casey). Town Hall Concert Chamber

18 May: Candida (Shaw). Reading. Unity Theatre

22-3, 29-30 June: Before Breakfast (O'Neill); The Drunkard (Smith); The No- 'Count Boy (Green). Readings. Unity Theatre

27 July: All God's Chillun Got Wings (O'Neill). Reading. Unity Theatre

14-15 August: New Life (Rice). Town Hall Concert Chamber

1 September: Playboy of the Western World (Synge). Reading. Unity Theatre

29  September: The Laughing Woman (Daviot). Reading. Unity Theatre

13 October: The Devil's Disciple (Shaw). Reading. Unity Theatre

20 October: A Month in the Country (Turgenev). Reading. Unity Theatre

24 November: Bees on the Boat Deck (Shaw). Reading. Unity Theatre

7-8, 14-15 December: The Man of Destiny (Shaw). Unity Theatre


23 February: I Have Been Here Before (Priestley). Reading. Unity Theatre

14-15 March: All God's Chillun Got Wings. Town Hall Concert Chamber

20 April: Close Quarters (Somin). Reading. Unity Theatre

25  May: The Voice of the Turtle (Van Druten). Reading. Unity Theatre

11 May: film evening: The Bridge; Diary for Timothy; Good Neighbours; excerpts from Julius Caesar and Macbeth. Unity Theatre

8 June: Awake and Sing! Reading. Unity Theatre

29 June: The Time of Your Life (Saroyan). Reading. Unity Theatre

20 July: Harvest in the North (Hodson). Reading. Unity Theatre

9-10,16-17 August: The Family Reunion (Eliot). Unity Theatre

7 September: Sweeney Todd—the Demon Barber of Fleet Street (Wheeler). Unity Theatre

21  September: In Camera (Sartre). Reading. Unity Theatre

24-5 October: The Plough and the Stars (O'Casey). Town Hall Concert Chamber

16 November: The Glass Menagerie (Williams). Reading. Unity Theatre


10-12 March: King Lear (Shakespeare). Town Hall Concert Chamber

18 April: The Three Sisters (Chekhov). Reading. Unity Theatre

9  May: The Russians (Simonov). Reading. Unity Theatre

30 May: The Apple Cart (Shaw). Reading. Unity Theatre

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20 June: Julius Caesar (Shakespeare). Reading. Unity Theatre

27 June: excerpts from Our Town (Wilder) and The Women (Boothe). Readings. Unity Theatre

18 July: The Long Christmas Dinner (Wilder); prologue from Key Largo (Anderson). Readings. Unity Theatre

12-14 August: The Male Animal (Thurber and Nugent). Town Hall Concert Chamber

29 August: Androcles and the Lion (Shaw). Reading. Unity Theatre

12 September: Distant Point (Afinogenov). Reading. Unity Theatre

25-6 September: Richard II (Shakespeare). Reading. Unity Theatre

October: The Male Animal. Napier

18 December: Born Yesterday (Kanin). Reading. Unity Theatre


9-12 March: Our Town (Wilder). Town Hall Concert Chamber

21  March: Our Town. Hutt Horticultural Hall

11 May: Crisis in Heaven (Linklater). Reading. Unity Theatre 8 June: Uncle Vanya (Chekhov). Reading. Unity Theatre

13  July: The Bear (Chekhov); The Price of Coal (Brighouse). Readings. Unity Theatre

19-20 July: The Bear; The Price of Coal. BDL festival

10 August: Village Wooing (Shaw). Reading. Unity Theatre

27-30 August: The Moon in the Yellow River (Johnston). Town Hall Concert Chamber

3-5 November: An Enemy of the People (Ibsen). Town Hall Concert Chamber

6 November: The Proposal (Chekhov); Liberation (Holland). Readings. Unity Theatre

17 December: Dream Girl (Rice). Reading. Unity Theatre