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A Popular Vision: The Arts and the Left in New Zealand 1930-1950



9-12 March: Our Town (Wilder). Town Hall Concert Chamber

21  March: Our Town. Hutt Horticultural Hall

11 May: Crisis in Heaven (Linklater). Reading. Unity Theatre 8 June: Uncle Vanya (Chekhov). Reading. Unity Theatre

13  July: The Bear (Chekhov); The Price of Coal (Brighouse). Readings. Unity Theatre

19-20 July: The Bear; The Price of Coal. BDL festival

10 August: Village Wooing (Shaw). Reading. Unity Theatre

27-30 August: The Moon in the Yellow River (Johnston). Town Hall Concert Chamber

3-5 November: An Enemy of the People (Ibsen). Town Hall Concert Chamber

6 November: The Proposal (Chekhov); Liberation (Holland). Readings. Unity Theatre

17 December: Dream Girl (Rice). Reading. Unity Theatre