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A Popular Vision: The Arts and the Left in New Zealand 1930-1950

4. Hamilton People's Theatre Productions, 1939-49

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4. Hamilton People's Theatre Productions, 1939-49


12-14 October: Till the Day I Die (Odets). Waikato Winter Show Hall

11 November: Till the Day I Die. Te Aroha 18 November: Till the Day I Die. Cambridge 25 November: Till the Day I Die. Morrinsville

?: Till the Day I Die. Huntly


9, 11-12 December: Golden Boy (Odets). Waikato Winter Show Hall


2 June: The Ascent of F6 (Auden and Isherwood). Reading (for members only)

9 June: lecture: 'The Ascent of F6', R. Meek

23 June: A Bid for Freedom (Hanlon). Reading (for members only) 7 July: Fumed Oak (Coward). Reading

14 July: We Got Rhythm (Ratcliff); Habit, a scene from Cartoon (Coppard)

24, 26 July: Habit; We Got Rhythm. British Drama League festival

11 August: Battles Long Ago (Bax)

18 August: Some Day They'll Pay (Mackie)

1 September: Dark Lady of the Sonnets (Shaw). Reading

17-18 November: The Star Turns Red (O'Casey). Theatre Royal

1 December: Noel Coward sketch. People's Theatre social evening


27 April: Atonement (Thompson). Reading

25 May: Where's That Bomb? (Gullan and Roberts). Reading

28-9 September: The Plough and the Stars (O'Casey). Theatre Royal

19-20 October: Robert's Wife (Ervine). Theatre Royal Lectures: Toller, Synge, 'Dramatic technique', 'Drama in relation to society'


19  April: lecture: 'O'Neill', with readings: In the Zone; The Long Voyage Home. Centreway Tearooms

10  May: The Moon is Down (Steinbeck). Reading. Centreway Tearooms

24 May: Anton Chekhov evening: lecture and readings. Centreway Tearooms 14 June: Distant Point (Afinogenov). Reading. Centreway Tearooms

28 June: Village Wooing (Shaw); Who Killed Me? (Chantel). Readings. Centreway Tearooms

12  July: lecture: 'Henrik Ibsen—his life and work', Ron Meek. Centreway Tearooms

9 August: lecture: 'The Elizabethan dramatists', Haswell Paine. Centreway Tearooms

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30-1 August: The Moon is Down

21 September: The Importance of Being Earnest (Wilde). Reading. YWCA

11 October: According to Plan (Parsons); The Willing Horse (Andrews). Readings. YWCA

1  November: Julius Caesar (Shakespeare). Reading. YWCA

15   November: Dr O'Toole; The Boy—What Will He Become? (Brighouse). Readings. YWCA

29 November: Major Barbara (Shaw) (excerpt); John Alladin Lee and his Wonderful Lamp (a musical extravaganza). Centreway Tearooms

?: discussion evening: Paul Green


16 March: dramatisation of de Maupassant story of the Franco-Prussian war

27 July: They Came to a City (Priestley). Semi-production (for members and friends only). EPS hut

10 August: The Silver Tassie (O'Casey). Semi-production (for members and friends only). EPS hut

27-8 September: They Came to a City. State Theatre


14  May: The Beautiful People (Saroyan). Reading. YWCA

28 May: The Ideal Husband (Wilde). Reading. YWCA

11-12 June: Macbeth (Shakespeare). Frankton Town Hall

27 August: Deirdre of the Sorrows (Synge). Reading. YWCA


6 May: Arms and the Man (Shaw). Semi-production. Hamilton Little Theatre

18-20 July: The Sacred Flame (Maugham). Little Theatre

15 October: The Doll's House (Ibsen). Little Theatre

30 November: 'Scenes from Shakespeare's plays'. Little Theatre


1, 3 May: Fumed Oak; The Tinker's Wedding (Synge) (with combined casts of Hamilton People's Theatre and Hamilton Playbox). Little Theatre

6 May: Squaring the Circle (Katayev). Reading. Little Theatre

10 June: In Camera (Sartre). Reading. Little Theatre

8 July: Too True to be Good (Shaw). Reading. Little Theatre

25 July: The Waxen Man (Reynolds). BDL festival

9  September: Kind Lady (Chodorov). Reading, Little Theatre

28  October: French without Tears (Rattigan). Little Theatre

11 November: lecture: 'The Other Theatre, by N. Marshall', H. Paine. Little Theatre

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1-2 March: The Mistakes of a Night, 'an adapted comedy by R. Parkes'. Little Theatre

27 April: Peace in Our Time (Coward). Reading. Little Theatre

5-6, 10 July: You Never Can Tell (Shaw). Little Theatre

28, 30 July: You Never Can Tell (act one); The Young Idea (Coward). BDL festival

17 August: The School for Scandal (Sheridan). Little Theatre

7 September: The Guinea-Pig (Strode). Reading. Little Theatre

16 November: Night Must Fall (Williams) (in association with the Morrinsville Drama Club). Little Theatre

23 November: Overtones (Gerstenberg); The Scarecrow (Ferguson). Little Theatre


30 June, 1 July: Arms and the Man. Production by the CAS Theatre Unit, presented by the People's Theatre. Little Theatre

25-6 July: Overtones; The Scarecrow. BDL festival

12, 14 November: The Rivals (Sheridan) (in association with the College Players). Hamilton Technical College Hall