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A Popular Vision: The Arts and the Left in New Zealand 1930-1950



19  April: lecture: 'O'Neill', with readings: In the Zone; The Long Voyage Home. Centreway Tearooms

10  May: The Moon is Down (Steinbeck). Reading. Centreway Tearooms

24 May: Anton Chekhov evening: lecture and readings. Centreway Tearooms 14 June: Distant Point (Afinogenov). Reading. Centreway Tearooms

28 June: Village Wooing (Shaw); Who Killed Me? (Chantel). Readings. Centreway Tearooms

12  July: lecture: 'Henrik Ibsen—his life and work', Ron Meek. Centreway Tearooms

9 August: lecture: 'The Elizabethan dramatists', Haswell Paine. Centreway Tearooms

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30-1 August: The Moon is Down

21 September: The Importance of Being Earnest (Wilde). Reading. YWCA

11 October: According to Plan (Parsons); The Willing Horse (Andrews). Readings. YWCA

1  November: Julius Caesar (Shakespeare). Reading. YWCA

15   November: Dr O'Toole; The Boy—What Will He Become? (Brighouse). Readings. YWCA

29 November: Major Barbara (Shaw) (excerpt); John Alladin Lee and his Wonderful Lamp (a musical extravaganza). Centreway Tearooms

?: discussion evening: Paul Green