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A Popular Vision: The Arts and the Left in New Zealand 1930-1950

3. People's Theatre (Auckland) Productions, 1936-40

page 239

3. People's Theatre (Auckland) Productions, 1936-40


8-10 December: Waiting for Lefty (Odets). Avondale Municipal Centre

?: Waiting for Lefty. Trades Hall


10 April: Waiting for Lefty. Hamilton

11 April: Waiting for Lefty. Huntly

12-18, 21-2 June: Till the Day I Die (Odets). WEA Hall

8 September: short adaptation of Waiting for Lefty. Carpenters' union meeting (also performed at meetings of the general labourers' and local bodies' labourers' unions)


25, 27-8 June: Judgment Day (Rice). Town Hall Concert Chamber


18, 20-22 March: Falls the Shadow (Hamilton). Town Hall Concert Chamber

14 May: International Brigade (Mason). Spanish Medical Aid Committee meeting, Regent Theatre

1 October: BMA (Mason). Auckland Unitarian Church

5 November: sketch performed at a rally to celebrate the 22nd anniversary of the Russian revolution

12  November: Rehearsal (Maltz); Good Blood—Bad Blood; BMA. Fabian Club Rooms

12 November: Skull on Silence (Mason). Rally

10 December: Squire Speaks (Mason); Eleventh Hour; People's Court; This Dark Will Lighten (Mason). Fabian Club Rooms

?: Rehearsal. WEA social evening

?: BMA. Performed for Labour Party branches and other organisations

?: Perkins and the Butler (Mason). People's Theatre dance ?: Better Bayonets (Mason)


19 March: variety fundraising concert