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A Popular Vision: The Arts and the Left in New Zealand 1930-1950

Progressive Publishing Society

Progressive Publishing Society


Airey, W.T.G., The Road to Victory. The People's Unity against Fascism

Bland, W. B., Slums of Auckland

Dean of Canterbury, Soviet Strength (reprint)

Haldane, J.B.S. et al, Shaping the Future (reprint)

Hearnshaw, L. S., Hours of Work in War-time

Socialist Medical Association of Great Britain, Health Protection in the U.S.S.R. (reprint)

Venereal Disease. The Shadow over New Zealand (introduction by A.H. Nordmeyer, chapters by C. G. Scrimgeour, A.D.G. Blanc, A. Martyn Finlay, W. B. Sutch)

page 237

Andrews, I. S., The Willing Horse. The Prize-winning Play in One Act

Barker, A.J.D., Twelve Echoes from France. French poems Englished

Black, D., Tales for Pippa (illus. B. Milne)

Burdon, R. M., Outlaw's Progress

Bush, A., et al, A National Health Service

Curnow, A., Whim Wham, 1945

Guy, C. K., Women on the Home Front. An S.O.S. from Mothers

Holcroft, M. H., The Waiting Hills

Mills, T. L., Verse by New Zealand Children (illus. E. M. Taylor)

Sinclaire, F., Lend Me Your Ears. Essays (second ed.)

Smith, G. M., Medical Advice from a Backblock Hospital (second ed.)

Sutch, W. B., Workers and the War Effort (second, cheap ed.)

Vogt, A., Poems for a War


Andrews, E. S., Close-up of Guadalcanal

Andrews, I. S., Something To Tell

Barker, A.J.D., Twelve More Echoes. French Poems with Verse Translations

Beaglehole, E., Islands of Danger

Carr, C.L., Poems by Clyde Carr

Combs, F. L., Half Lengths of Pupils & People (illus. R. Clark)

Cope, G. F., Christians in the Class Struggle. Progressive Pamphlet n.i (reprint, with foreward by F. H. Robertson and W. E. Barnard)

Curnow, A., Sailing or Drowning. Poems

Fairburn, A.R.D., Hands off the Tom Tom

—, We New Zealanders. An Informal Essay

Findlay, A. M., & R. Dyer, The Bad-mannered Pigs. A read-it-yourself book (illus.)

—, The Little White Gate (illus.)

—, The Ten Chickens (illus.)

—, When I Grow Up (illus.)

Gardner, R., The Industrial Development of New Zealand. Progressive Pamphlet n.2 McDonald, D., Sidi Reszegh and other verses{memorial ed., published for the Feilding Agricultural High School Old Pupils' Association)

Mason, A. (D. H. Mcintosh), Baggie and his Famous Cat Tom (illus. N. Bolton)

Meek, R. L., Maori Problems Today. A Short Survey

Morice, S., The Book ofWiremu (illus. N. Bolton)

Mostyn, I. (A. M. Richards), The Truth About Internal Marketing

Rhodes, H. W., RussiaThe Coming Power in the Pacific

Sargeson, F., A Man and His Wife (cheap ed.)

Smith, G. M., Medical Advice from a Backblock Hospital (third ed.)

Sutch, W. B. (with W. L. Robertson, S. Smith & L. D. Webster), Good-bye to Gold. A Guide to the International Monetary Fund

Sweeny, H. J., Wool Marketing and Notes on the Care of Hides and Skins. Progressive Pamphlet n.3

page 238

Airey, W.T.G., A Step in the March Towards a People's World. Progressive Pamphlet n.4

Holcroft, M. H., Timeless World. A Collection of Essays

Moore, M., Some Poems for New Zealand

Ost, F., Three Essays on Czech Poets

Ost, F. and R. Meek (trans, and ed.), The Vltava Still Sings. Modern Czech Verse

La Rochefoucauld, F., A Primer of Love. A Selection from the Maxims of La Rochefoucauld (foreword by A.R.D. Fairburn)

New Zealand New Writing n.1 (Dec. 1942), n.2 (1943), n.3 (June 1944), n.4 (Mar. 1945)