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A Popular Vision: The Arts and the Left in New Zealand 1930-1950

New Zealand Co-operative Publishing Society

New Zealand Co-operative Publishing Society


Belshaw, H., A General Survey of Problems of Reconstruction. Reconstruction Pamphlet n.i (New Zealand Co-operative Publishing Society Ltd for the New Zealand Institute of International Affairs)

Pritt, D. N., Britain Marches with Russia (reprint)

Robb, G. D., Health Services, or, Doctors and Hospitals. Reconstruction Pamphlet n. 2 (NZCPS for NZIIA)

Sewell, W. A., What of the New Order? Reconstruction Pamphlet n.3 (NZCPS for NZIIA)

Soviet Youth, a speech by M. Maisky (reprint)


Billing, G. C., Anglo-Soviet Co-operation (NZCPS for the League of Nations Union)

International Affairs Research Group, Fascist Japan, ally of Hitler

Leathem, S., What of Manufacture? Reconstruction Pamphlet n.4 (NZCPS for NZIIA)

Scott, S. W., The Historical Background of the World Labour Movement (first published 1939)

—, Socialist Theory of the State &the Soviet Union (first published by the Labour Research Association, 1940)

Sutch, W. B., Trade with the U.S.S.R. Where Does N.Z. Come In? (reprinted from Better Business, May 1942)

—, Workers and the War Effort