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Letter from Samuel Marsden to John Gare Butler, November 1st, 1823

November 1st, 1823.

Revd. Sir,

“ The Revd. J. Kendall having determined to remain in
“ New Zealand unless I will engage to do for him and his fam-
“ ily what is totally out of my power, I consider it absolutely
“ necessary that you should leave Kiddee Kiddee. You cannot
“ be ignorant what his feelings are towards you, and what
“ influence he has gained over Shunghee's mind. Should Mr.
“ Kendall come to reside at Kiddee Kiddee, what he told me
“ he would do, it will be impossible for you to live near each
“ other. The most fatal consequences will be likely to follow:
‘ A prudent man foreseeth the evil and hideth himself.' I
“ earnestly request you to take this matter into your serious
“ consideration, and weigh every existing circumstance.
“ It is a most painful and distressing thought that all
“ the alarming evils have originated with the missionaries
“ themselves, and that the heathen whom they came to in-
“ struct are innocent. Whatever the future consequences may
“ be, the guilt must fall upon the heads of the Europeans. I
“ see danger in your removal, and danger in your remaining,
“ but the greatest, in my opinion, is in the latter.

“I am, Revd. Sir,
“Your most obedient humble servant

“Rev. John Butler.”