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Mr. James Shepherd to Rev. John Butler.
August 4th, 1823.

Rev. and Dear Sir,

We have to call upon you and all our friends to thank Him Whose tender mercies are over all His works, and Who has mercifully been pleased to vouchsafe His aid to Mrs. Shepherd when bringing into this world of sorrow another spirit.

On the 26th July, Mrs. Shepherd was safely delivered of a fine boy; he is much finer than James was. Mrs. Shepherd is in a fair way of recovery, and the children all tolerably well. I have not been very well, and now I feel ill. Our friend, Mr. Leigh, I think, will soon be delivered from a world of trouble and sorrow. He seems to get worse, his strength diminishes, and his body is decaying. He cannot write you at present on account of his illness. He, with Mrs. Leigh, desire their love to you all.

You will not fail remembering us and this Mission at the throne of grace; we always remember you. Those who live here will have the same trouble as you have had, and the same enemies to cope with, but when we consider the work is the Lord's, and His aid and blessing are promised to us if we seek them, we should take encouragement.

I have had a good deal of trouble with the natives since I left you last, on my return from Kara Kara. I found Towe with a number of canoes to take me to his place. He said I was given by Mr. Marsden as an utu (?) for Parahcko's son, who died at Parramatta, and therefore I should go back with him. I told him I could not think of doing so. He said he would oblige me. He teased me for two or three days, and then obliged me to give him all my trade, part of which was given to chiefs here, and the rest he took himself, and left his son with me to accompany me to his place, when Mrs. Shepherd shall have recovered. I shall see you at the Kara Kara soon, and hope it will be convenient for some of the brethren to accompany me to his place. I have written to Mr. Kemp on this subject, to whom I refer you. However, time will not admit for me to write at present minutely; I shall therefore be more explicit when I go to Kara Kara. You will be pleased to give our respects to Mr. Samuel and his wife, and accept the same yourselves. We hope poor little Hannah is better. James is pretty well.

Yours respectfully,


P.S.—We should be glad if you could send us a cat by the return of the lads.