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Earliest New Zealand


page 260
Rev. S. Marsden to Rev. J. Pratt.
January 15th, 1823.

Reverend and Dear Sir,

The time is now come when I should state to you my object in sending cattle to New Zealand.

My wish was that the missionaries in time should be supplied with milk, butter, cheese, and animal food, which would in a great measure render them independent of the natives for support. Their number must now be fifty or upwards, and many of them females of the best breed. I now wish to present them as a donation to the Missionary Society for the comfort and support of the missionaries, reserving two cows and one bull for the Wesleyan missionaries, for them to take with them to the station where they may settle……

I am, etc.,


Also same date.

Though there are and have been great difficulties in the Mission at New Zealand, they will diminish, and I think the worst is over. I wish Mr. Francis Hall would be prevailed upon to return, to take charge of all the stores, and to manage the secular interests of the Society. (Yet note ! Butler was sent out as Superintendent.) He is so excellent a character, he could not be more usefully employed. Should the Rev. Mr. Williams come out, it is my intention to fix him and Mr. and Mrs. Clark with another tribe at some distance from the present missionaries. I purpose also to direct Mr. Wiliam Hall to accompany them.

Mr. Kendall and Mr. Hall will never be happy together.… .

I am, etc.


Extract from Commissioner Bigge's Report to Earl Bathurst, 27/2/1823.

…The missionaries have made some attempts to introduce cattle, but from want of care and superintendence they have been dispersed. The draught cattle that were taken from Sydney to assist in the conveyance of the wood for loading the “Dromedary,” were purchased by the Rev. Mr. Marsden, and for the first time the plough was made use of in New Zealand under his direction in the year 1820.…… . It would be advisable to give an express authority to the Governor of New South Wales, to appoint Magistrates as well as constables in the islands of New Zealand, and with a view to give efficiency to the Magisterial authority, it would be expedient to give salaries not exceeding £20 per annum to any two respectable persons who might be selected for filling the offices of constables.

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REV. HENRY WILLIAMS (afterwards Archdeacon of Waimate).

REV. HENRY WILLIAMS (afterwards Archdeacon of Waimate).

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