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Letter from Samuel Marsden to John Gare Butler, 1822


Rev. John Butler,
Dear Sir,

Had you not arrived in the “Westmorland,” it was my intention to have sent Mr. Cowell in the “Active” to New Zealand. As you are fully acquainted with the state of the Mission, and can give Mr. Cowell every information he may require, I will thank you to consult with him what is best for him to do, and communicate to me the result of your determination.

As you are better able to advise Mr. Cowell than I can possibly be, I shall be guided by the determination which he and you may come to on the subject of his accompanying you to New Zealand. Mr. Cowell's remaining so long in this colony at a very heavy expense, has given me very great uneasiness, and something must now be done to relieve the Society of this expense, as it cannot continue. Your early attention to this business will oblige.

Dear Sir,
Yours sincerely,