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Letter from Captain John Nicholson to Commander J. Bigge, March 11th, 1820

Extracted from “HISTORICAL RECORDS OF NEW ZEALAND.” Capt. J. Nicholson to Commissioner J. Bigge.
BAY OF ISLANDS, New Zealand,
March 11th, 1820.


…. .I visited the new missionary settlement in the “Regent” a few days ago. The name of the place is Kidi Kidi……English blood boils to see the indignities the natives shew to the missionaries who live among them, and to us they are unbearably insulting; and were it not for a regard to those who live among them, I hesitate not to affirm that they would meet with severe repulse from persons from whom they now receive civility. Powder and muskets are the only things for which they care…….

Your obedient, humble servant,


The Hon. the Commissioner of Enquiry.