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Letter from Samuel Marsden to Josiah Pratt, July 14th, 1819

July 14th, 1819.

Marsden to J. Pratt,C.M.S.

As the Rev. Mr. Butler will write to you, it will not be necessary for me to trouble you with any long statements.… Having obtained the Governor's permission, and knowing the “Active” (108 tons) was too small to carry the passengers and their stores, and being absent on her voyage (arrived from N.Z. on July 30th, with 5246 feet timber and 3 tons pork) I determined to take the first vessel I could, in the harbour, in order that the Revd. Butler, etc., might as soon as possible, arrive at their place of destination and begin their work. I therefore hired an American brig (“General Gates”) 200 tons, who was in the cove, and the time fixed for our sailing is 25th inst.

The settlers for New Zealand would get no advantage in this colony, and heavy expense would have been incurred daily while they remained here, where everything is at such a price, and the sooner they begin their work, the longer time they will have to do it in. It is my intention to take over a few mechanics to enable them to put up the necessary buildings, church, houses, etc., and to form a regular government amongst them before I return……

I hope now to introduce Mr. Butler to all the leading chiefs, to conciliate their esteem, and to fix the settlement on a firm foundation. I cannot doubt the suitableness of the instruments you have sent out; their wisdom on the voyage and prudence since their arrival, convince me that they are fully bent upon their work, and if they can only begin at the right end, we may hope for a successful issue of their labours.