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Letter from Walter Lawry to Basil Woodd, February 3rd, 1825

3, Winkworth Place,
City Road,
3rd February, 1825.

Revd. Sir,

The Revd. John Butler wished me to accompany him to your page 399 place to-morrow morning, but I am sorry for his sake that my departure to-morrow for Cornwall will prevent this visit.

I have seen Mr. Butler in Port Jackson, have visited him in his field of labour at the Kiddy Kiddy in New Zealand, and I have sailed with him more than twenty thousand miles; the result of my observations upon the missionary carreer and Christian conduct of this gentleman is, that he was one of the Society's best missionaries in New Zealand; and that he is most unquestionably a godly man.

Mr. Marsden's taking this missionary away from New Zealand, and allowing to remain there a fallen brother (——), has always appeared to us most strange. It is most people's opinion in New South Wales that the N.Z. Mission can never prosper, while Mr. M. has its management. I am aware that something has been prepared for the press on Mr. M.'s proceedings in that Mission, but I hope the abuses will cease, and that the publication of it will be relinquished.

Mr. B. I am sure has been treated ill. The Revd. Mr. Lang can give you much more valuable information on this subject.

I am, Revd. Sir,
Your most obt. and humble svt.,



, Wes. Miss.
Revd. Basil Woodd.