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Deposition of John Gare Butler, Sworn at Parramatta, May 22nd, 1824

(To wit)
JOHN BUTLER of PARRAMATTA in the TERRITORY of NEW SOUTH WALES, CLERK, maketh oath and saith that one DANIEL JACKSON of PARRAMATTA, stonemason, who this deponent hath been informed is a PRISONER of the CROWN, on the nineteenth day of May inst. appeared before DONALD McLEAN, ESQUIRE, one of HIS MAJESTY'S JUSTICES' ASSIGNEES to keep the peace in and for the TERRITORY of NEW SOUTH WALES, and then and therefore his corporal oath which he then and there took upon the HOLY EVANGELISTS of ALMIGHTY GOD deposed and swore: THAT he this DEPONENT either on the morning of the tenth, eleventh, or twelfth, before eight o'clock on one of these mornings, the said DANIEL JACKSON having been sent for, as the aforesaid DANIEL JACKSON deposed on the page 377 evening previous to one of those days by this deponent or by his son SAMUEL BUTLER, attended at this deponent's house, that he this deponent did then and there produce before the said DANIEL JACKSON a quantity of papers which this deponent requested the said DANIEL JACKSON to sign and that he the said DANIEL JACKSON swore he this deponent read part of the contents thereof, which were said to be relating to a contract between him the said DANIEL JACKSON and the REVEREND SAMUEL MARSDEN for the erection of an institution for the CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY, and as to the mode of payment for such erection, the manner of which payment the said JACKSON swore to me, one half in DOLLARS and the remaining part in property or to that effect. That he the said DANIEL JACKSON saw in the papers which this deponent produced to him (as he deposed) that he the said SAMUEL MARSDEN was employing very improper characters in the MISSION at NEW ZEALAND and this deponent saith that that part of the letter written to him by the said SAMUEL MARSDEN which states that after this deponent had left Parramatta he was informed that this DEPONENT had sent for the said DANIEL JACKSON to this DEPONENT'S HOUSE and questioned him relative to the mode in which he the said SAMUEL MARSDEN paid him for his labour, and requested him the said DANIEL JACKSON to go down with this DEPONENT to SYDNEY to the SECRETARY'S office there, and make statements tending to injure the character of the said SAMUEL MARSDEN, and that this DEPONENT then laid a quantity of papers before the said DANIEL JACKSON tending also to injure and defame the said SAMUEL MARSDEN in his character and reputation, which he this DEPONENT requested the said DANIEL JACKSON to SIGN, is false, and this DEPONENT saith that in confirmation thereof, he the said DANIEL JACKSON was never in his house on either the mornings of the tenth, eleventh or twelfth instants at the hour before mentioned, nor at any other hour of those days, save in the evening of TUESDAY the eleventh, when he came there to deliver a letter to this DEPONENT, which he requested him to take to ENGLAND with him, which letter was delivered to this DEPONENT, in the presence of MR. BEAN, MR. TUCKWELL and MR. WILLIAM SHELLEY, and immediately after delivering the same, he retired saying that he should have another to deliver to this DEPONENT before he left PARRAMATTA, which second letter was delivered to this DEPONENT in the PUBLIC STREET of PARRAMATTA on WEDNESDAY morning; and this DEPONENT further saith, that on MONDAY morning the tenth inst., he this DEPONENT received a message from the said SAMUEL MARSDEN requesting his attendance at his house, which this DEPONENT accordingly obeyed, and this DEPONENT was in company with the said SAMUEL MARSDEN till EIGHT O'CLOCK on that morning, and this DEPONENT saith that on the morning of the ELEVENTH instant he occupied his bed having on the previous day taken medicine, till nearly ten o'clock in the morning and that on WEDNESDAY morning this DEPONENT was in bed until called upon MR. BEAN and his apprentice, about the hour of half-past six o'clock, who both came for the purpose of page 378 assisting this DEPONENT in packing, loading and removing his goods to SYDNEY, which occupied till near NINE O'CLOCK and that several other persons were also in this DEPONENT'S presence and company during the whole time, and this DEPONENT saith, that the room in which the said DANIEL JACKSON has sworn the papers were produced and read to him was occupied by a Mr. Charles during the whole night of TUESDAY the eleventh inst., and this DEPONENT further saith that he never did produce before the said DANIEL JACKSON, a quantity of, or any papers whatever, either on the morning of the tenth, eleventh, or twelfth instants, nor on any other morning nor at any other time, and this DEPONENT lastly saith, that being about to proceed to England all and every, his BOOKS, papers and writings were packed up on the morning of the eighth inst., and that they have never up to this time been unpacked.
this 22nd day of May, 1824