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AFFIDAVIT OF MR. E. S. HALL. (Copy from the “Hocken” Collection.)

AFFIDAVIT OF MR. E. S. HALL. (Copy from the “Hocken” Collection.)

Edward Smith Hall, of Sydney, in the territory of New South Wales, gentleman, being duly sworn upon the evangelists of Almighty God, solemnly maketh oath and saith that he is acquainted with Samuel More, master mariner, and late com- page 344 mander of the merchant ship “Brampton,” some time since wrecked at the Bay of Islands, New Zealand, and that he, this deponent, verily believes the said Captain More to be an active intrepid man in his profession or calling as a master mariner, but at the same time knows him to be extremely lewd and profane in his ordinary discourse.……*

And this deponent further saith that in consequence of such shameful and profane remarks of the said Samuel More, he verily believes the said Samuel More would take pleasure in exposing and exaggerating the infirmities, and in misrepresenting the manners and conversation of any man making a profession of religion. And this deponent further saith that he hath known the Reverend John Butler ever since his arrival in New South Wales, and from his own knowledge and the intelligence he, this deponent, has from time to time learned from visitants at New Zealand, he verily believes the said John Butler to be by far the most active, zealous, pious, moral, and useful missionary in the Church Mission established in the said Island.


Sworn at my office in
Maquarie Place, in Sydney,
in the Territory of New South
Wales (where no stamps are used)
this thirtieth day of
January, 1824.
Before me,
Judge Adv. N.S.W.