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Deposition of James Spencer before the Judge Advocate, New South Wales, [n.d., c. 1824]

JAMES SPENCER deposeth that he formerly belonged to AMERICAN SCHOONER “COSSACK,” and that he was wrecked in the said vessel at the HEADS of the RIVER SHUKIANGAH on SUNDAY, APRIL 27th, 1823, and on the 5th MAY following he came to the house of the REVD. John Butler in a distressed state, having lost all he had in the vessel, and was kindly taken by the REVD. John Butler, and that he remained at the house of MR. BUTLER some months waiting an opportunity to get away from NEW ZEALAND, and was treated in every respect with kindness and attention. That during that period he had the opportunity of witnessing the indefatigable industry of MR. AND MRS. BUTLER in the work of the MISSION and the good of the NATIVES. That in his house he never beheld anything but order and propriety, coupled with unvaried attention to the comfort and instruction of the many natives he employed, and those who were daily going to and fro from his house.
He further states that during his residence at MR. BUTLER'S, he generally made one of MR. BUTLER'S boat's crew, in going up and down the HARBOUR, on the business of the MISSION, and that he was one of the boat's crew page 342 the day MR. BUTLER went to pay for the land at the TEE, A SETTLEMENT belonging to a CHIEF named TARAYHA and his son OKEEDA, that he was with MR. BUTLER the whole day. That he went with MR. BUTLER on board the brig “DRAGON,” to seek after the chief and his son. That MR. BUTLER was perfectly sober when he went on board the brig “DRAGON,” and so when he returned to the TEE, and that his former statements in NEW ZEALAND are the truth and nothing but the truth.