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A Christmas Cake in Four Quarters

Warne's 3s. 6d. Hopeful Enterprise Library With Illustrations, Coloured or Plain. In crown 8vo, cloth gilt

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Warne's 3s. 6d. Hopeful Enterprise Library With Illustrations, Coloured or Plain. In crown 8vo, cloth gilt.

Sidney Grey; or, A Year from Home. By Annie Keary.

Jack Stanley; or, The Young Adventurers. By Emilia Marryat.

White's Natural History of Selborne.Editedby G. Christopher Davies.

Robinson Crusoe. By Defoe. Unabridged Edition.

Swiss Family Robinson.New Edition. Unabridged.

The Schoolboy Baronet. By the Hon. Mrs. R. J. Greene.

The Young Lamberts: A Boy's Adventure in Australia. By Augusta Marryat.

Waifs of The World. By C. A. Beach.

Heroism And Adventure. A Book for Boys. Edited by L. Valentine.

Cavaliers and Roundheads. By John G. Edgar.

Among the Tartar Tents; or, The Lost Fathers. By Anns Bowman.

The Woodleigh Stories; or. Tales for Sunday Reading. By the Rev. H. C. Adams.

The Falcon Family. Illustrated. By Rev. H. C. Adams.

Gilbert's Shadow. By the Hon. Mrs. R. J. Greene.

God's Silver; or, Youthful Days. By Hon. Mrs. R. J. Greene.

Star in The Dust Heap. By the Hon. Mrs. R. J. Greene.

Martin Noble;or, A London Boy's Life. By J. G. Watts.

The Young Squire. By Mrs. Eiloart.

Captain Jack; or, Old Fort Duquesne. By C. McKnight.

Edgeworth's Early Lessons.

Say and Seal. By Elizabeth Wetherell.

Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress. With Coloured Plates.

Sea Fights and Land Battles. By L. Valentine.

Adrift in a Boat, and Washed Ashore. By W. H. G. Kingston.

Uncle Tom's Cabin. By HarrietB. Stowe.

Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress, and Holy War. Large type Edition, with Illustrations.

The Land of Fire: A Tale of Adventure. By Capt. Mayne Reid.

A Perilous Venture: A Tale of the Days of Mary of Burgundy. By M. Hall.

On Honour's Roll: Tales of Heroism in the Nineteenth Century. Edited by L. Valentine.

Conjurer Dick: A Book for Boys.By AngeloJ. Lewis (Professor Hoffmann). page break3/6 Hopeful Enterprise Library, continued

Cris Fairlie's Boyhood. By Mrs. Eiloart.

Who Won at Last? By J. T. Trowbridge.

The Lamplighter. By Miss Cummins.

Ellen Montgomery. By E. Wetherell.

Walton and Cotton's Complete Angler.

Ethel Fortescue; or, Left in Charge. By Mrs. C. Szlby Lowndes.

What Katy Did At Homec And At School. By Susan Coolidge.

What Katy Did Next. By Susan Coolidge.