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Hauhauism: An Episode in the Maori Wars 1863-1866



A. Original Manuscripts:

Mrs. Dalton's Notes on the Hauhaus. MSS. of 1866, collected by W. F. Gordon. (Turnbull Library, Wellington.)

Rev. Basil Taylor's Diary of Journey up River to Tangarakau and across Maori Track to Waitara and back to Putiki, in 1864. (Private Collection of MSS. in possession of T. W. Downes, Wanganui.)
These manuscripts give several illuminating sidelights.

B. Official Publications:

New Zealand, House of Representatives. Appendices to the Journals.

1864. A4.
1864. E8. E8.(a)
1865. E4. E5.
1868. A4.

(Referred to in the Notes in Thesis as “App. H. of R.”

New Zealand Government Gazettes, Wellington, 1860–1865.)

These Government publications are invaluable.

C. Printed Diaries and Records:

The Murder of the Rev. C. S. Volkner in New Zealand. London: Church Missionary House, July 10, 1865. Consisting of:


Minutes of Conference of Missionaries held at Auckland, March 27, 1865.

page 84

The diary of the Bishop of Waiapu and letters to C.M.S.


The diary of the Rev. T. S. Grace and letters to C.M.S.

Grace, Rev. T. S.: A Pioneer Missionary Among the Maoris, 1850–1879, being Letters and Journals. Edited jointly by S. J. Brittain, G.F., C.W., and A. V. Grace. N.Z.: Bennett & Co. N.D.

Meade, Lieut. H.: A Ride Through the Disturbed Districts of New Zealand: Together with some account of the South Sea Islands. Being selections from the Journals and Letters of Lieutenant the Hon. H. Meade, R.N., edited by his brother. London: John Murray. 1870.

Wilson, C. J. W.: Missionary Life and Work in New Zealand, 1833–1862. Being the Private Journal of the Late Rev. John Alexander Wilson. Printed for Private Circulation only. Auckland, N.Z.: Printed at the Star Office, Shortland and Fort Streets. 1889.

These publications contain useful information derived from first-hand contact with the Hauhaus.

D. Periodicals and Newspapers:

“The Times,”Wanganui.1866.

“Taranaki Herald.”1864.

“Fortnightly Review,”H. H. Lusk: Maori Mahommedanism, II, p. 731. 1865.

“London Quarterly Review”: Hauhaus in New Zealand. III, p. 427.

“Mission Life”: Sermon by Archdeacon Denison.Aug. 1, 1866.

“Church Missionary Record.”1865.

P.C.B.: A Chapter on Pai Marire, the new religion of the Maoris. By an Army Chaplain. “Fraser's Magazine,” Oct., 1865.

page 85

P.C.B.: Pai Marire, the new religion of the Maoris. “Good Words,” Oct. 1, 1865.

Revue Britannique: Le Pai Maririsme a la Nouvelle Zelande. (Etude sur la nouvelle religion du Maorisme.) Ethnographic-Superstitions. 1865.

These are of little real historical value, as the accounts tend to be rhetorical rather than scientific.

E. Other Contemporary Publications:

Alexander, Colonel Sir J. E.: Incidents of the Maori War, New Zealand. London: Rtehard Bentley. 1863.

Carey, Lieutenant-Colonel, G. J.: Narrative of the Late War in New Zealand. London: Richard Bentley. 1863.

Carleton, H.: The Life of Henry Williams, Archdeacon of Waimate. Auckland, N.Z.: Wilson & Horton. 1877.

Chute, Major-General T.: A Campaign on the West Coast of New Zealand, comprising the western portion of the Provinces of Wellington and Taranaki by European and Colonial Forces under the Command of Major-General Chute during the months of January and February. Wanganui, N.Z.: Printed and published at the “Times” Office, Ridgeway St. 1866.

Colenso, W.: Fiat Justitia: Being a few thoughts respecting the Maori Prisoner Kereopa, now in Napier gaol, awaiting his trial for murder. Respectfully addressed to the considerate and justice-loving Christian settlers of Hawkes Bay, and also to our Rulers in a letter to the Editor of the “Hawkes Bay Herald,” Napier, N.Z.: Printed by Dinwiddie, Morrison & Co. 1871.

Fox, W.: The War in New Zealand. London: Smith, Elder & Co. 1865. Late Colonial Secretary and Native Minister.

page 86

Fox, W.: The Revolt in New Zealand. A series of letters addressed to the Rev. George Townshend Fox. London: Seeley, Jackson & Halliday. 1865.

Gisborne, W.: The Colony of New Zealand, its History, Vicissitudes, and Progress. London: E. A. Petterick & Co. N.D.

Gorst, J. E.: The Maori King; or, the Story of our Quarrel with the Natives of New Zealand. London and Cambridge: Macmillan & Co. 1864.

Gudgeon, T. W.: Reminiscences of the War in New Zealand. London: Samson Low, etc. 1879.

Hawthorne, J.: A Dark Chapter from New Zealand History. By a Poverty Bay Survivor. Printed and published by James Wood, Napier, Hawkes Bay, N.Z. 1869.

Hursthouse, C. F.: The New Zealand Wars. A letter to the “Times,” London. Edward Stanford. 1866.

Hursthouse, C.: Letters on New Zealand Subjects. London: Edward Stanford. 1865.

Mould, Major-General S. B.: Sketch of Military Proceedings in New Zealand, from the Termination of the Waitara Campaign in March, 1861. Late Commanding Royal Engineer in the Colony. Auckland. 1863.

Sewell, H.: The New Zealand Native Rebellion. Letters to Lord Lyttleton. Printed by the Author. 1864.

Selwyn: Rt. Rev. Dr. G. A.: Charge to Synod, Christchurch, Sept. 26, 1865. Swainson, W.: New Zealand and the War. Formerly Attorney-General for New Zealand. London: Smith, Elder & Co. 1862.

Taylor, Rev. R.: New Zealand, Past, Present, and Future, with the Prospects for the Future. London: Will Mackintosh. 1868.

page 87

Taylor, Rev. R.: New Zealand and its Inhabitants. Will Mackintosh. 1868.

Veritas: Origin of the New Zealand War; and who are responsible for the payment of all expenses arising therefrom. Printed for private circulation. London. 1864.

Ward, Rev. R.: Life among the Maoris of New Zealand, being a description of Missionary, Colonial, and Military Achievements. London: G. Lamb. 1872.

Weld, F. A.: Notes on New Zealand Affairs, comprising a Sketch of its Political History in reference especially to the Native Question; its present position and the policy for the future; with a few General Remarks upon the Relations of England to her Colonies. Late Prime Minister of that Colony. London: Edward Stanford. 1869.

Wells, B.: The History of Taranaki, New Zealand. Edmondson & Avery. “Taranaki News” Office, New Plymouth. 1878.

Williams, Rt. Rev. Dr. William: Christianity Among the New Zealanders. London: Seeley, Jackson & Halliday. 1867.

These books and pamphlets by Soldiers, Clerics, and Politicians, give a valuable background of the time and the conditions which gave rise to the religion. During the military campaigns the soldiers came in frequent contact with the Hauhau fanatics, and their descriptions supply much useful information.