Title: Sport 43: 2015

Editor: Fergus Barrowman

Publication details: Fergus Barrowman, 2015, Wellington

Part of: Sport

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Sport 43: 2015

Sport 43 2015

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Sport 43 2015

John Summers Real Life 5
Kirsten McDougall What have I lost here? 20
Ashleigh Young She cannot work 30
James Brown Five poems 35
Vincent O'Sullivan Three poems 40
James Purtill Three poems 43
Holly Painter Two poems 46
Morgan Bach Two poems 48
Bernadette Hall Two poems 50
Rachel Bush Long and short 52
Marty Smith The only lady photographer 54
Rae Vercoe Found poem 55
John McAuliffe Lifeguard 56
Damien Wilkins No hugging, some learning: writing and personal change 57
Anna Taylor Still Here 77
Melissa Day Reid A Small Rip 113
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Sarah Jane Barnett Addis Ababa 119
Maria McMillan It's complicated 132
Jane Blaikie Beeb and Us 144
Tracey Slaughter 50 ways to meet your lover 154
Ruth Upperton Five poems 168
Jane Arthur Progress 173
Hannah Mettner Two poems 174
Anna Livesey Two poems 176
Gem Wilder Unfurled 178
Faith Wilson Three poems 179
Anna Jackson Three cooking poems 182
Johanna Emeney This Vehicle Kneels on Rquest 185
Brent Kinnimont Two poems 186
Claire Orchard Two poems 188
Giovanni Tiso The story of 8, or the problem of forgetting 190
Ingrid Horrocks A Small Town Event 196
David Coventry from The Invisible Mile 217
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Nick Ascroft Keys to Success 229
Tim Upperton Two poems 230
Erik Kennedy Two poems 232
Johanna Aitchison Two poems 234
Rata Gordon Two poems 236
Kerrin P. Sharpe Three poems 238
Sugar Magnolia Wilson Anne Boleyn 241
Chris Tse MacGuffin 244
Chris Price trick or treat 246
Max L. Chapnick Nucleators 248
Helen Heath Run rabbit 250